Blessed Father’s Day 2015

J and I woke up early this morning, while Little E the late riser, continued sleeping till around 9:30 am. My ever selfless husband persuaded me to grab the chance to enjoy the Club Lounge breakfast first, without having to worry about the little one. Hence, I went up to the top floor myself, and dug into the continental spread, while leaving J in the suite to wait for Little E to awaken.

Breakfast at Club Lounge

I enjoyed the breakfast to my heart’s content! and wondered when was the last time I had time away from my baby… Back in the suite, J had changed Little E’s diaper, and was ready to bring her up for breakfast. That short 20 min of free time in an exclusive lounge by myself, was more than enough to satisfy any longing within me for “me time”. Because, all the while, I was missing Little E, my 24/7 sidekick, my companion ever since she was conceived… Nonetheless, I appreciated the sacrifice and how much J loves me, because today is Father’s Day, he should have the privilege instead of me!

Barney Show

We indulged in the hearty breakfast, checked out, and drove across to Suntec City to worship the Lord. As usual, J worshipped in the main sanctuary, while I brought Little E to the children’s ministry. Just 2 days ago, we brought Little E to watch the “Barney’s Jukebox Party” live show at City Square Mall, and she was intrigued and captivated by the purple dinosaur that can sing and dance.

Hence, she was delighted when she had Barney all to herself in Sunday school today!

She practised her fine motor skills by taking turns in scooping and pouring oatmeal…

… had the chance to pretend-play with her schoolmates, pretending they were passing under an Eco highway bridge that had animals on it.

Finally, Little E made a prized medal for her beloved daddy, on this very special day.

J, being the doting father he is, couldn’t stop smiling the entire day. 😀

We also went to the Botanic Gardens for our evening run after our afternoon nap. Little E was more than happy to feed the white swans in the Swan Lake, as well as the turtles in the Eco Lake!

Our happy baby makes her daddy very happy… That was her singing “Can you make a happy face?” before bedtime.

Dear Father in Heaven, thank You for being our Father! There is none like You, for You are the epitome of the perfect father! Thank You for Your saving grace, that we may come to You as Your children, through prayer in petition and thanksgiving. Because of Your great lovingkindness, mercy and everlasting love, we are humbled by the circumstances You put us through.

Thank You for making Jacob a father! that he may have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a father! and to have You as the perfect example as His guide and leader, what a blessing and a privilege! I pray for my beloved husband, that O’ Lord, You will grant him favour and wisdom to navigate through this life that You have given him. Every morning and every night, I can’t thank You enough for sustaining our lives till present, and for faithfully blessing us through each single day. For the work that You have portioned for Jacob, we know fully well and trust wholly in You that Your purpose and sovereign will, be done in and through him. That he will continue to be a useful vessel for You to bless others.

Thank You also for all the vocations and positions of authority You have given him, yet You have never failed to be there for him, to be his Source of wisdom, his guiding Light and his ever-present help. His busy schedule has all the more made me appreciate his willingness to spend any free moment with me and Elizabeth. I pray that O’ Lord, You will continue to bless this man of my life, for I have witnessed with my own eyes, his life transformed, upon drawing close to You with enthusiasm and a hunger for Your Word, and Your Holy presence. 

Thank You O’ Lord, for being our Father. Happy Father’s Day to the One and Only Almighty King!

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