Superhero Me Festival 2015

On our way to meet Candy and Abigail, we stopped by the Central National Library to return some books into the 24-hr drop off zone.

Central National Library

At the atrium, we came across a vibrantly cheerful display of colours belonging to an exhibition of some sorts! We couldn’t wait to find out what the children-friendly and attention-drawing array of exhibits and stations were all about… Hence, we registered ourselves and were ushered into the children wonderland!

Superhero Me Festival 2015

The exhibition turned out to be a festival for the celebration of childhood known as “The Superhero Me Festival”! It is the first costume crafting festival in Singapore where children pick up values through crafting, star in their very own SUPERHERO ME film and take part in creative workshops for the family!

Cupboard stools

With only 30 min to spare, we entered the Superhero Me grass lawn! which caught our eye simply because the large grassy area was so inviting and welcoming and it was also sited right at the centre of the entire event. We observed a group of uniformed preschoolers completing “missions” via fun games! There were marbles, straws, tiny bean bags (reminiscent of the five stones game we used to play when we were younger), and other materials to engage the children meaningfully through a variety of games. For Little E, she was merely content to explore the flint stone stools that were made out of egg carton material.

We then retreated into the beautiful teepee tents that had comfy cushions strewn over the floor. What a haven it turned out to be, for us to kick back our shoes and just indulge in the books on display? which we later found out that they were a specially curated series of books that are based on inculcating values in their readers.


Of course, before I could finish reading any of them, my over-excited Little E had already begun tumbling about, attempting the forward rolls she had learnt in Sparkanauts…

Five stones bean bags

… and running in and out of the tents, picking up random forsaken bean bags scattered across the “meadow”…

Magic brolly

The station next to the Superhero Me grass lawn was packed with little children donning parts of colourful costumes made out of recycled materials. Far from looking dull and roughened, the props were amazing! One could find anything and everything you needed to dress up your kiddo as a superhero! It was a station to unleash your imagination and creativity!

Craft table

Unfortunately, we did not have the luxury of time to participate in the Up & Away station where Little E could have been starred in her very own adventure film. Neither did we have the time to get crafty at the Power Station! where we could try our hands on creating medals and badges that honour the values of kindness, respect, gratitude, patience and resilience from a treasure trove overflowing with unthinkable materials in a full spectrum of colours.

We left with much reluctance (and resistance from the little one), leaving all the fun behind us, and hurried to Cool de Sac to meet Candy and Abigail! And our second round of merrymaking began!

We went home for lunch and snoozed the lazy afternoon away after an enjoyable time with Candy and Abigail. Upon awakening, we drove to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden to spend the gorgeous evening with our neighbours! Little E and I began with running our usual loop round the Botanic Gardens, to get my energy up and burning, before entering Jacob Ballas to play with the sprinklers! Bestie and LT also took the time to check out the Eco Lake while we were running.

Water play at SBG

With much encouragement from all of us, Little E teetered undecidedly into the water area, after seeing brave LT venturing into it on her own like a duck takes to water. Soon, she was collecting and pouring water from the tiniest water outlet, together with LT and another boy.

Excited to feed the turtles!

After the refreshing “drizzle and mizzle”, Little E had not forgotten about our sole purpose of visiting the gardens, her sole purpose I would say… To feed the turtles. So we all followed her and ran to the Eco Lake, to accomplish her mission!

Our two girls are adorable especially when they are so loving towards each other. We are so blessed to have neighbours like them. God has taken such special care of us, to give us Bestie and LT, living in the same block, just one level above us! We should really go out more often. I have not even started mentioning much about my Bestie… If I do, the post will surely be a lengthy one, because she is exceptional, and love and grace overflows from her ever so readily, always being so considerate towards us. May God continue to bless her and her household, that they will rise each morning and call Him blessed for His goodness and faithfulness.

On our way back to our car, a friendly man allowed our girls to pat his pitbull, while we chatted about his tame pooch. Although his pitbull appeared tame and seemed docile and good with children, it is after all a pitbull. Hence, its owner was vigilant while the girls patted and enjoyed the company.

What a day! A fun-filled day with loving friends and new things on the horizon… I say with glee and hope each day, “Tomorrow will be better”! The Lord be blessed from beginning to the end, for He is the Beginning and the End. What a revelation. Indeed.

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