Superhero E

We returned to the Superhero Festival at the atrium of Central National Library, because we didn’t have enough time to enjoy all its entirety when we chanced upon it the other day.

Superhero E

My superhero makes my day, everyday! ūüėć This is one adorable superhero for keeps!

With no time to waste, this time we started right at the Up & Away section! The volunteers and I browsed through the trove of hand-made costumes made from everyday household items, to search for a suitable superhero outfit just for Little E!

Then off she went, queuing up hand-in-hand with a volunteer, getting ready to go on stage for the chroma keying.. All attention was on her at that moment, I was so proud of her for braving herself up, as she ascended onto the stage, and performed the actions as requested by the photographer. She did these all by herself!

This is Little E’s¬†very own 1 min “Superhero Me” adventure stop-motion film.

The True Superheroes!

The True Superheroes!

SUPERHERO ME was born on Children’s Day 2014 to empower a group of preschoolers, mostly from less privileged families, to develop a stronger sense of self. It has since grown into a values-based movement inspiring children from all walks of life to build resilience and confidence.

These superheroes made their own photo frames and superhero crowns during the Festival.

These superheroes made their own photo frames and superhero crowns during the Festival.

Led by young artists Logue and In Merry Motion, the values-based craft movement seeks to inspire children to develop a stronger sense of self through costume crafting and discover the joy of creative confidence.

Superhero Me Festival - Power Station

Superhero Me Festival – Power Station

As a participant, I couldn’t help but commend all efforts that were poured into running this meaningful festival for the children of Singapore. The project’s heart and pure intentions speak for itself and we are so blessed to witness the gathering of¬†so many wonderful volunteers (both young and old) who¬†believe in what the festival and campaign stands for. The creators and volunteers and those who support the campaign¬†are the true¬†superheroes! And together, they have successfully built a dream and hope for our children!

“We want children to believe in the potential of their imagination. You don’t have to fit into a stereotype of success. It is possible to be whoever you want to be and work towards it,”

–¬†Jean Loo, project leader of Superhero Me.

There’s something really empowering about weaving craft and hope¬†together to turn a superhero dream into reality. To see all the children in their self-crafted costumes at the Festival, courageously making new friends (even those with special needs), playing all the old school games, bonding with their parents over craft, and dancing their hearts out to the music, truly brings us back to where the focus for childhood should be.

When you combine so much art, and so much love, magic happens!

Inside the Bear of Possibilities Headquarters ūüźĽ, Little E and I¬†learned¬†about the genesis of the labour and¬†love that went into the project, through a film. We saw how the campaign¬†aims to build a Singapore that’s more than grades, tuition and fixed models of success. Together, the visionaries¬†behind¬†the campaign aspire¬†to¬†empower children at the start of life with resilience, patience, respect, kindness and gratitude to sow the seeds for a better tomorrow.

Seeing that Little E fully enjoyed her time at the event, entirely immersed in the¬†many¬†interesting activities and the vibrantly colourful atmosphere, I was very thankful that God raised up such self-giving individuals who do care about Singapore’s future generations, striving hard to empower¬†our children¬†and helping them¬†harness a¬†stronger sense of self. God bless these superheros!

We love being part of the¬†Festival so much, we returned to it again and again, with new things to do each day, never once being bored. And how sweet it is to end the day with oh-so-delicious cupcakes…

Free cupcakes!

… Free cupcakes fit only for the “superheroes”, courtesy of Plain Vanilla Bakery ‚̧ԳŹūüĎćūüŹĽ

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