My Father’s Day Celebration

Today was the day we celebrated Father’s Day for my father! Every year, we celebrate this occasion for my 老爸 on a later date. My father, being a frugal person, doesn’t want us to spend this day lavishly on restaurant food, knowing that restaurants always mark up their prices during the occasion.

Free play

Before we met Dad, our day started in church, where Little E indulged herself in drawing and colouring liberally during free play.

Music and Movement

… followed by music and movement. This month, we sang “Let’s March Till I Said Stop”, “Five Little Ducks”, “Hokey Pokey” and “Wheels on the Bus”.

Little E singing Wheels on the Bus

For Worship and Praise, we sang “God is so Big” and “Walking with Jesus”.

Worship and praise

It is pure delight to watch our little one sing praises to God with such childlike joy. May The Lord be pleased with our worship.

Little E participated in all the activities that followed the songs and bible study. This month’s memory verse was taken from Joshua 1:9, “The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” For art and craft, Little E made a family portrait by pasting stickers onto a paper frame.

Following the news of Grub Noodle Bar moving out of its Rangoon Road premise to Five Square at 1 Pickering, we had to have its beef noodles again this week.

Grub Noodle Bar

Love this beautiful innocent picture of Little E, taken when we were waiting for the food to be ready. Little E placed Eeyore first onto the left stool, before climbing onto the right stool herself, and began talking to Eeyore, asking it to be careful not to fall off the stool…

All ready to celebrate Father's Day for 公公!

All ready to celebrate Father’s Day for 公公!

We went home for a 3-hr afternoon nap, then drove to my parent’s place for dinner. That was Little E at our carpark, all ready to go celebrate Father’s Day for her 公公!

My father wanted the dinner to be simple, and requested to have it near home. The same coffee shop where we always have our family dinners! Good affordable Zi Char 煮炒 food! Yums!

Bernard and Little E

After dinner, Little E wanted B to hold her hand as we walked to our car. That’s how much she loves her 舅舅!

Dear loving Heavenly Father, thank You so very much for sending Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ into the world, so that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have eternal life. Your Word says, if I believe in The Lord, me and my household will be saved. So Father, I boldly enter unto Your throne of grace and into Your Holy presence to pray for the salvation of my dear ones. I am saved not because of my righteousness, but solely by Your divine grace and mercies alone. I pray that O’ Lord, please will You grant Your salvation as a gift to my father, mother and brother, and save them for the sake of Your righteousness. Place Your nail-pierced hands upon them and draw them towards You with Your everlasting love and compassion. Let them understand and experience the depth, breadth and height of Your divine love! O’ Heavenly Father, may You grant them ample opportunities to come to You. Let Your divine purpose be fulfilled in their lives, and allow them to enjoy the same love, joy and peace that You have so graciously granted me. Please help them to come out of all the clutches of the principalities and powers of darkness that reign this world. So Lord, I pray that You will take control of the hearts of my dear ones and bring them into Your fold and open their eyes to the Truth and the blessings that You offer Lord. I praise You and thank You for who You are! For I know You are sovereign and do as You please. May You be pleased with my heart’s desire and grant it in Your perfect timing. In Jesus’ holy and precious name, I pray these sincerely. Amen.

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