Zoo Fun!

Zoo with Cheryl and Asher

We went to the Singapore Zoo with Cheryl and Asher today! After much consideration, I officially became a “Friends of the Zoo” member! Now that Little E is grown-up, it is easier to work around her nap, and to visit the zoo as and when we like to, so as to watch all the animals shows on different days. My aim is to go at the right timing that coincides with the feeding times of various interesting animals, as well as to work out a time that allows us to catch the popular shows too. Now that we have one whole year to do this, the task at hand is not as difficult as it seems.

Polar bear exhibit

We visited the polar bear exhibit first, and there Inuka was, waving at us as we emerged into his line of sight.


We went close to the gigantic glass-fronted display for our children to experience a nose-to-nose encounter with Inuka, who is the world’s first polar bear born in the tropics, right here at our Singapore Zoo. Both Little E and Asher enjoyed watching playful Inuka swimming in his ice-cold pool, making rounds incessantly.

Water play at Zoo

We walked and rode on the tram till we reached the Rainforest Kidzworld to have a splashing good time in the Wet Play area. Little E appeared intimidated by the loud gushes of water, especially the huge elephant bucket that topples and makes a massive splash once every few minutes. Even I thought it looked explosive when I first saw it…

Playground at Rainforest Kidzworld

Little E was so terrified of the splashing, she didn’t even dare to go near the wet area. We had to coax her along the way, finally reaching the quiet playground, nestled between some trees behind the Wet Play area.

Unfortunately, we soon realised the playground was infested with many mosquitoes, and we had quickly became the unwilling victims of those bloodsucking pests. We evacuated the playground, and instantly understood why there were no children playing there. So we went back to the Wet Play area, and changed our tots into their swimsuits! Little E was fascinated by the elephant bucket, yet petrified by it too. Asher on the contrary, was happily collecting and pouring water and handing the cups to Little E for her to hold. He is such a sweetheart! ❤

Carousel in Singapore Zoo

Time flew past so quickly, it had been close to 3 hours since we arrived at the Zoo! We changed our little ones back into their dry clothes, and proceeded to the carousel. Little E wanted to sit on the Bald Eagle (national bird of USA), while Asher was meant to sit on the Tiger beside her. However, when the operator started the carousel, Asher preferred to be carried, so Cheryl brought him to sit on a bench behind us instead. There, he was happy and comfortable sitting with his mommy!

Carousel in Singapore Zoo

Throughout the 3+ hours we spent at the zoo, the carousel was Little E’s favourite. We will certainly be back again soon! And we have to watch an animal show when we return!

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