46th month Wedding Anniversary

Recently, Little E has been really into puzzles. She would wake up in the morning, and asked me for a puzzle, sometimes two, depending on how eager she is that morning.

Morning puzzles

Today, she creatively pieced the correct alphabets (from her alphabet puzzle) to the animal puzzle that Eida gave her. E.g. she would put the letter “Z” on the zebra, and “M” on the monkey.

We went swimming as soon as she had finished piecing her puzzles! I love how she called, “Mommy! Mommy!” even when she’s swimming…

I have seen how our little one became confident and independent in swimming with a floating ring, even though we only use the main pool which is 1.5 metres deep. In the above video, she was exclaiming, “my goggles! my goggles!” and laughing out loud over finding it in the water around her… She is so adorable! ❤

Then she said “Auntie swimming” when one of our neighbours swam near her… Thus, Little E gave way and quickly swam back to me, who was at that time sitting at the edge of the pool, filming her all this while… =D

We swam for approximately 40 min, before exiting the pool and headed home for breakfast. Little E chuckled lots during breakfast and I just had to snap pictures of her. Such happy times are priceless… Whenever she is happy, or whenever I said, “baby smile”, Little E would put her pointers on her cheeks like the pictures above…

Little E in an art gallery

At night, after J returned from work, we set off to Changi Airport to celebrate our 46th month wedding anniversary. How time flies! In a blink of an eye, we would be married for 4 years in two months time! To our pleasant surprise, it was an unanimous decision among us to dine at Poulet in Terminal 3.

Art gallery

While waiting for a table, we came across an art gallery within the Electronics Hub in Terminal 3. There were many beautiful works of art painted in different ways using various mediums. The artwork took us from China, to Paris, to Toronto, etc… and before long, I was immersed in the paintings, from one to the next…

… till my baby interrupted me with her beautiful and cheeky gestures… She is far more precious, intriguing and fascinating than any object in this world…

We finally had a table available at the casual French restaurant. This was our 2nd time dining at Poulet. We ordered a whole Poulet Roti served in a delicious creamy button mushroom Chardonnay sauce, French onion soup and a Ratatouille.

46th month Wedding Anniversary

Blessed 46th month Wedding Anniversary to my beloved. May God continue to shower His abundant blessings on you, that you will find favor and good success in the sight of God and man. God be with you always and forever. Kisses and hugs!


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