My Father turned 65!

Baking cups in the balcony

Our adorable Little E sitting by the balcony with my baking cups. She was amused and tickled at the movement of the cups, sliding across and toppling over when the breeze whirled past.

Baking cups in the balcony

My father turned 65 yo today! Praise The Lord for His grace and love upon him, giving him good health despite his long history of smoking (57 years of smoking) and alcohol consumption (thank God he has stopped drinking for about a year now). Through my father, I see the grace of God, full of mercy and loving patience. It is my heart’s desire to witness the saving grace of God restore him in His everlasting salvation, that my father will see the work of God in him as well as the people around him, and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the One true and Living God, his Creator.

Swinging with 婆婆

As per family tradition for birthday celebration, we arrived at my parents’ place, ready to dine at one of the coffeeshop’s 煮炒摊 for my father’s birthday dinner. Before we walked over, we had a swinging good time at the void deck. I love my mother’s smile. Priceless and precious.

Swinging with 婆婆

The dinner was so so good that I was busy savouring every bit of what was left on my plate, that I forgot to take pictures of other items except for the following three which arrived first… Thanks to my brother who always knew what to order!

Dad's 65th Birthday Dinner

In fact, the dinner spread was absolutely delish that I neither remembered to take a picture of the birthday man! nor a family photo together! Arghhhh… what a glutton I was!

On our way home, Little E just had to take a ride on this mini aeroplane. It must be the cheapest kiddy ride in Singapore because it only costs 50¢ per ride. Worth a mention before it disappears one day…

Blessed 65th Birthday Papa! May God continue to sustain you in His grace, and shower His blessings on you wherever you are. Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for being involved in all the circumstances surrounding my father from the day he was born till present. I pray that my father will see Your compassion and faithfulness, and that You will fill his heart with Your Shalom. Thank You so much for being our Unchangeable God, for You are the same yesterday, today and forever. We know for certain that You will not forsake us, and leave us forlorn. We can be confident to hold on to the promises You have graciously made to us, for You are ever so patient with us, despite our continual disobedience. I pray that You will show Your Truth in mighty ways to my family, that they will see Your wondrous works in every corner they turn, and believe in You and acknowledge You as their Lord and Saviour! These I sincerely pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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