A-Team Meets Again!

Today was the day the A-Team met again! Yay! Love love love this group of people – 4 pairs of parents with a total of 10 children. Little E was excited to meet Garren 哥哥 and Reuben’s 3 daughters whom she remembered vividly from our last meeting on Labour’s Day at Gardens by the Bay. So eager to meet them, she insisted on putting on her own socks and shoes (No. 7) without our help.

PHN and Mary invited the entire A-team to their place for barbecue and play. In fact, this meeting had been postponed from an earlier date, and I was so disappointed back then! 😓

Playroom at PHN's place

PHN, given his usual self-giving and generous nature, did almost all the barbecuing, while everyone else (including the other 3 men) chomped away like ravenous wolves… The children were either having fun in the swimming pool or playground adjacent to the BBQ pit. LKW took most of the pictures, from the start of the BBQ to the end… Unfortunately, we didn’t snap any during the BBQ. 😢

Play-Doh fun

These pictures were taken after the BBQ dinner, when Mary invited the children to their home for some playtime in Henry’s and Garren’s playroom! All the girls were astonished to find so many different colours of Play-Doh that the boys have. How blessed they are! With no time to waste, they started making cupcakes using the set they found. While the girls figure out the cupcake-making machine, and fascinating over the myriad of cupcake-decorating accessories, the boys were playing with toy sets in the living room.

Hmmm-mmm! Little E loved the beautiful Play-Doh cupcakes Rebecca and Sarah made for her! She must be thinking, “if only they are real…” 😁☺️

Play-Doh fun

The men finally came upstairs after a long chat at the BBQ pit. To our surprise, they had also devoured the 2 boxes of premium durians we brought for the team! 😱 They had the guts to bring up only 2 seeds of leftover durian, for the wives and children, who totalled up to be 14 of us versus 4 of them!! 😤 We didn’t know that durians are such a hit, that even all the older children love durians (Henry, Rebecca, Sarah, Vicky, Parry, etc.), we should have bought at least 4 boxes instead…! 😏

Well, there’s always a next time! Already looking forward! 😍

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