Crystal’s Visit

Crystal and E

Ps Eddy’s youngest daughter, Crystal came back to Singapore from Calgary, AB, Canada on 17 July 2015. We finally found the time to catch up with each other, and that blessed day was today! Crystal would be in Singapore for only 5 weeks, before she goes to Korea for her exchange programme.

Now and Then, SG vs CAN

It was so good to be able to see Crystal again! The last time we saw her was before we left Calgary during its winter. Back then, Little E was only about 4 months old! versus her being about 23 months old (1 week short) today.

Chinta Manis pandan cake

Little E loved the Chinta Manis pandan chiffon cake that Crystal brought us!

Seeing Crystal again brought back so much fond memories about FamiLim, of their warm hospitality towards us the entire year we were in Calgary. My entire pregnancy was experienced there, with severe morning sickness up till I was 21 weeks pregnant. During those days, if not for the lovingkindness and warmth that FamiLim extended to me, I really wondered how I would have pulled through the -20ºC wintry weather and dreadful morning sickness.

Wife with Crystal

Although this visit was short, it was as sweet as it could be. We had a yummy lunch of Chilli Mee and fresh juice from the Army market, followed by a great catching-up and hugging session with lovely Crystal. Little E was very happy and eager to show Crystal her toys and how she plays with them too. We shall meet again before she leaves for Korea.

Calgarians unite!

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