Growing Pains

I was browsing through my photo bank this morning, and came across Baby E’s photo which was taken when she was still a newborn at 1 day old, enveloped by the cushions of the infant car seat where we placed her in.

Blessed Growth

In a whiff, I went to the store room to whip out the same car seat for Little E to sit on. Oh… How much my baby has grown….!

Blessed Growth

And throughout the 23 months, we have watched her grew in stature, her appearance changes, and her cognitive and emotional development rapidly improving each passing day. One day, I will be pulling out all these thousands of photographs from my databank, and mull over each and every one of them…

Blessed Growth

It is amazing how we take the growth of our children for granted. Most of the time, we do not even have the time to sit down to browse through their photographs, and rejoice over their growth, thanking God for blessing our children each day by protecting them from harm, and granting them health and growth in all aspects in their fragile lives.

These photographs serve as an undeniable marker of the passage of time. Every time a new month comes around, I am reminded that each passing day is a day that never comes back to us again. Each day is unique, and all the circumstances within each day are never the same. My heart could just about break into a million pieces right here on my brown leather couch. Because kids grow, and as wonderful and exciting as it is that kids grow and change and become who they are meant to be, a mommy’s heart will still ache. A mommy’s eyes will still sparkle a little under the tears that well up within the fornices. Growing is good. It’s so good. Yet, it also hurts…

Little E is growing with ease, and I am having all the growing pains…

Dear Lord, help me lead her to Your righteous path of Truth. Please grant me and J the wisdom to bring her up in Your way. Allow us to follow You, run to You, and draw us nigh… 

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