Penang Visit for EL’s Wedding

Today was the day we set off to Penang yet again, to attend EL and Germaine’s wedding! We love traveling to Penang to see Mum and Dad, the last time we saw them was about 6 months ago when they flew to Singapore to stay with us. Besides, the 1-hr flight was so brief and easy to manage. We woke early to catch the 10:35 am flight, and arrived at the airport to check in with lots of time to spare.

JE with Merlion at Changi Airport

We had our usual breakfast of beef brisket noodles from Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (香港盛記甜品), while Little E explored the giant colourful playground adjacent to the food stalls.

On our way to the departure gate after breakfast, we treaded upon an oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of fast-paced travellers, luggage and all, within the renowned airport itself. A freeform koi pond set in a lush and verdure garden, landscaped with waterfalls, walkways, lookout point, and wonderful plants of all sorts. Tranquility at its best in an airport.

We did not have to wait long to board the plane. With Little E being older now, it is much easier to travel with her. Having said that, we are looking forward to our upcoming UK Family Road Trip, where our little one gets her own seat!

On the way home in Dad's car

On our way home in Dad’s car!

We were delighted when we saw Mum and Dad waiting for us at the arrival hall! Little E was 17 mo when she last saw Mum and Dad, now that she’s 6 months older, much has grown! Besides stature, her speech and understanding has expanded leaps and bounds. The ever-loving 嫲嫲 has prepared home-made chicken nuggets and also brought bananas for Little E to snack on during the journey home. How blessed we are!

On the way home

Lunch was already waiting for us at home, lovingly prepared by Mum before she left for the airport to pick us up together with Dad.

And boy! what a sumptuous spread! We were so well fed, it wasn’t difficult to fall asleep for our lazy afternoon nap afterwards. Little E enjoyed her snack of plump and juicy blueberries too!

Our usual routine of post-nap exercise in the Botanic Garden ensued.

I thoroughly enjoyed my run around the Garden, while Mum and Dad helped pushed Little E in her stroller.

As I tried to catch up with them since we were all making rounds, I had unknowingly completed 4 rounds, up and down the terrains of the Garden in 30 min.

Running path

Then I saw happy faces… smiling and waving at me as I approached the entrance of the Garden. They had decided to walk anti-clockwise on their final round so that we will not miss each other again. 😀 And yes! that was our fit Dad performing his push-ups!

Little E was so happy, we couldn’t resist swinging her!! 😄

As we walked back to Dad’s car, we decided to bring Little E to the fountains, but she was hesitant to go near them, perhaps because of unfamiliarity or the loud sounds of splashing water.. So that was her standing there, reluctant to move despite us beckoning her…


We returned home, and once again dug into a scrumptious fare of delicious food that kept our tummies very happy and round.

Prayer before dinner

Hmmm… Wished we could eat like this every day of our lives.. Food that is made out of love taste especially yummylicious and healthy.

Little E also had a full meal and was more than happy to indulge in her post-dinner playtime with the Strawberry Shortcake toys.

It was a leisure day for us today, yet so touched by the grace and love of God, in every way, through our loving parents. May The Lord bless them and keep them always and makes His face shine upon them, in His everlasting grace. We pray these in the holy and precious name of Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.

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