The Occasion – EL and Germaine’s Wedding Banquet

View from balcony

This was the expansive view we were treated to in Mum and Dad’s home, both the mountain and the sea in the same line of sight, with the horizon extended to an infinite distance. The morning was cool and “chirpy”… we woke up to the tweeting of happy birds today, and that somehow made us feel especially glad and light-hearted each day.

We had a simple breakfast, then went to Gurney Plaza for some leisurely shopping. I love how the mall is so huge after the revamp and expansion. Within the giant mall, there are lots to do and eat, all housed under one roof. We even hopped onto a train ride to satisfy Little E’s curiosity. At less than half the price of what we would normally pay in Singapore, the experience was a steal for both baby and me!

Of the myriad of food stalls in Gurney Plaza, we chanced upon Les Macarons de Valerie, a French patisserie that offers confectionary at its best. We love how the macarons look so pretty with their perfectly smooth shells that formed the classic feet, and the creative flavours that also included interesting local flavours like Pulut Hitam, Bunga Telang, etc. Back in Singapore, we love to snack on TWG’s macarons. Next time we are in Penang, we know just where to get our macaron craving fixed!

Family photo at EL's wedding

By evening, we attended EL & Germaine’s wedding at the very elegant and luxurious Eastern and Oriental Hotel. It was an intimate banquet held by the Oh family to welcome the beautiful bride into their family. At the cocktail party, we grasped the opportunity to have our family photo taken!

It was an elaborate dinner banquet that gathered close friends and relatives together to witness the matrimony of EL and Germaine. The exquisite dinner served was nothing short of luscious and scrumptious, aptly depicting the generosity and stupendous hospitality offered by Uncle Mike and Aunty Pek Har.

Dinner menu

We thoroughly enjoyed the occasion through the reunion of family and relatives, making of new friends we met at our table, and the savouring of delectable food served to us in abundance. Most importantly, we were very thankful for having Christ-centred parents who always have The Lord in their minds. Hearing Dad’s speech during the banquet was like a breath of fresh air to the conventional speeches heard during wedding celebrations. I remembered how we all took it seriously to consider and appraise the speech last night, thoughtfully considering that it would be delivered to a varied audience of believers and non-believers alike.

Dad giving a speech

We thank God and praise Him for prompting Dad to be bold for His name’s sake. To us, it was the highlight of all speeches for the night. We are thankful to have Dad be an excellent example for us to not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, and not be ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-control.

I pray that we will go about fulfilling what we have been called to do in our respective lives, bearing the cross, dying to ourselves, and allowing God to shine through from us. Not unto us, but to the name of our Lord Jesus we will give glory, for the sake of His steadfast love and His faithfulness. In fact, Uncle Mike in his usual humorous mode, said it is the best sermon he’s heard from Dad. Praise The Lord, indeed, praise The Lord!

Everyday is an opportunity for us to share Christ, to let Him reign in our lives. May we treasure each day as though it is our last, for Christ our Lord is too precious to not be shared with the people we love, and with people whom God has placed in our paths. Precious is The Lord, and what wondrous works He doeth in us. May we be bold and courageous in sharing the gospel, giving God the glory in all that we do, that God in all things may be glorified.

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