This is Home Truly…

Today was the day we return home. The short 2-night stay in Penang was too brief! As what Mum suggested, we must go back to Penang for more staycations, definitely! What’s not to be loved in Penang? Absolutely nothing! Family and relatives are dear, shopping malls are gigantic and spacious, Penang local food keeps our tummies very happy, and of course Mum’s home-cooked food is a sure reason to draw us back anytime.

Back home, Little E turned out to be a patriot just like Daddy. Waving the Singapore flag while saluting, and wrapping her face within it, she looked every bit like a true blue Singaporean, never mind that Singapore is not her birth country. We know she will grow up to love Singapore more and more.

We could have stayed longer in Penang due to the blessed Golden Jubilee long weekend, but J wanted to be back home on National Day, to be in time to catch the NDP on television. We did not have the luxury to witness the parade celebrations on-site, but we were just as contented to watch it live on TV, especially with our little one mimicking the parade commander, strutting her stuff up and down our living room.

That was her carrying an imaginary gun or sword, marching and standing at attention. Lol! Throughout the show, Little E was as captivated as us, only that she actually backed her enthusiasm up with following through the actions.

Leading up to today, each time a jet plane flew past with its roaring engine during practice, Little E would always call out “jet plane” as she looked up at the tiny aircraft in the sky. Come today, the anticipation of a spectacular Aerial Display ensued. It was an impressive showcase of precision flying and aerial finesse presented by the Republic of Singapore Air Force. In our opinion, it is the greatest airshow we have ever seen, right in the comfort of our own home. As we cheered during each flypast, it was heartening to see neighbours from other blocks in our neighbourhood doing the same, regardless of their nationalities.

We had been enjoying popping fireworks on the Saturdays that preceded today. Although we were not at the Padang or Marina Bay area to witness the grandeur of this year’s pyrotechnics (the largest ever in the history of NDP), we still appreciated the five-minute long spectacular performance from our balcony.

NDP 2015 fireworks

Found a picture collage depicting the grand spectacle of NDP 2015’s fireworks display from NDPeeps.

Singapore has come far as a strong and resilient nation. From a developing world country to a first world country in such a short span. We are blessed to be born Singaporeans. Today was an important day for us, a day that we saw everyone united as one Singapore. Proud to witness Singaporeans coming together to remember our roots, reflect on our achievements over the last 50 years and anticipate the future with optimism.

We believe with the same spirit of togetherness, we will progress and create a brighter and better Singapore going forward. MAJULAH SINGAPURA!

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