BFF in Bishan NLB

It was an impromptu meet-up with Wanling and her beautiful 5 yo daughter Vionn today. What a pleasant surprise to see her message early in the morning asking if we could meet for anything, anywhere…

V and E pushing pram

Since we had some books that were due today, we decided to go to Bishan library, which is the easiest for both of us, and we met in Junction 8 at 11.00 am. As soon as Little E saw Vionn, she was shy but was still smiling. Within 5 minutes, she had warmed up with her and both of them teamed up to push Little E’s pram, together!

WVE coming up the steps

We walked towards the library and Little E was happy to let Wanling hold her hand across the road and up the stairs.

Book drop at Bishan NLB

We returned the books via the bookdrop before entering the library with lots of excitement from the two girls. Vionn was demonstrating sashays that she had learnt in Ballet class, for Little E to follow. Did Little E do well? I’ll just say, it was hilarious to watch a 23 mo tot attempting the move…

Vionn and Little E in Bishan NLB

Wanling and I caught up with each other while our two girls interacted through playing and selecting books together. Although our meeting was brief, our two girls were brilliant together. Despite the age gap, Vionn was really caring and loving towards Little E. And her cheerful and bubbly nature was contagious, Little E naturally imbibe the blessed traits from 姐姐 and was full of joy today. We need more children to be like Vionn → Gentle, joyful, gracious, lovely, etc… Vionn truly takes after the temperaments and character of Wanling. Observing Vionn brought back fond memories of the marvellous times I had with Wanling when we were young. What a wonderful child she is.

The personality and character of a child is almost parallel to that of her mother or primary caregiver. And this fact is well known, and cannot be disputed. In spite of the sin in them, all children are born innocent and pure. Like a clean canvas, they become what they are according and depending on how their parents treat them. If love and care are the primary means of how we treat them regardless they are obedient or not, they learn from our reactions during times of joy as well as times of conflict. Conversely, if instilling fear and threats are mixed into the bag, even if they are only occasional, children quickly learn that a parent’s love is conditional. If so, how are they supposed to understand God’s unconditional love through the most important people in their young lives?

The testimony of The Lord is simple and straightforward, so plain and uncomplicated that there is no excuse for us to not know Him or experience Him in our lives. For His invisible attributes through nature and in all things that have been made, as well as His perceivable attributes through the workings of the Holy Spirit in His people, can all be clearly ascertained. (Psalm 19 and Romans 1)

Dear Heavenly Father, I want to thank You immensely for giving us the opportunity and responsibility to be parents. I pray that the love between J and I are apparent to Little E, allowing her to dwell in security and overflowing love from us, such that she will grow up in an environment that is built to be strong in Your love and Truth. I pray that we will always bear with one another’s weaknesses and grow from each other’s strengths, loving one another and be hospitable to one another without murmuring, serving each other by the strength that You supply so that in all things You are glorified. 

Hem us in and be our hedge of protection wherever we are and in whatever we do. Bless us to be Godly parents and let us be encouraged to raise Little E in Your way and not conforming to ways of this world. May we seek first Thy kingdom so that we will reap abundant blessings and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on The Lord out of a pure heart. I ask this from the bottom of my sincere heart in the mighty Name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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