The Ongs from Dunedin

J knew Joshua back in Dunedin many years ago, when they were both in Otago University. Although Joshua is in a different faculty and much more junior than J (he’s even younger than me!), he still holds a vivid memory of J and never fails to reconnect whenever there is a chance.

In fact, when we were in Dunedin last December to attend Shen’s graduation ceremony, Joshua got wind of it and contacted us to meet up. Unfortunately, our plans didn’t fall through due to our very tight schedule and Dunedin was the first leg of our great NZ family road trip.

This time round, Joshua came back to Singapore to visit his family, and we finally met up in person. The best place for us to meet is none other than Cool de Sac – the all-rounder in meeting the needs of parents with young children. While J and Joshua ordered food and chatted by themselves at a nearby table, Angela and I with our babies were in the toddlers section, having a heart-to-heart conversation about everything under the sun. We hit it off beautifully like we were sisters from different mothers.

Baby Hannah and me

Besides, 7 mo Baby Hannah was so adorable with those irresistibly cute and innocent big round eyes! Her striking features are really a good mix from Joshua and Angela. I did not hesitate to carry her when Angela asked me if I would like to do so! I have long forgotten how Little E felt in my arms when she was merely 7 mo!

JRE with the Ongs

By 1 pm, baby Hannah was already dozing off in Angela’s bosom, we devoured all the delicious food we ordered (Crayfish Spaghetti Arabiata, Saffron Risotto and Red Velvet Cake) and finally bade farewell to the lovely Ong Family. We have agreed to meet up again in Dunedin when we visit NZ in the near future!

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