Mommy’s 62nd Birthday

It was my Mom’s birthday today! How time flies! She is 62 yo already! I thank God that she still looks youthful with her full head of natural jet black hair, but most importantly, God has kept her healthy and happy all her life.

We had a feast at The Fat Chef in Blk 151A. Food was really lip-smacking delicious and so affordable. This stall shall be our go-to for family celebrations!!

After a very satisfying meal, my Dad and brother went home first, J returned to the hospital to see a patient as he was on call, and my Mom, Little E and I took our time to have some girly times together. It is already a blessing in itself that the three of us (3 generations) spend precious time with each other!

On our way home, we saw children playing with bubbles, and they were beaming with much excitement as the bubbles popped out from the device that also entranced them with swirling light and popping sounds. Of course, Little E was not spared in being captivated by all the thrill involved!

My Mom has always loved carrying Little E in her arms, especially seeing that I was tired and needed some rest from carrying our puffball. So the photo below was really precious to her even though she didn’t look her best in it. Lol! When J came back to pick us up, Little E was reluctant to go home! All she wanted was to sleep in 婆婆’s bed! Awww… we will have the luxury to do that when J goes for a long travel to Hong Kong and Minneapolis for the AO Spine and SRS conferences in September.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You so much for allowing me to have the privilege to approach Your throne of grace wherever I am and whenever I can. It is my heart’s desire to see the joy of Your salvation extended to my family. I pray that the eyes of their understanding be opened to know the hope of their calling, that their eyes be opened to see and know You; and that their minds be opened so that they can understand Your mercies and grace upon them, Your immense love for them, and Your desire for reconciliation with them. I pray for labourers to be sent into their path from the Lord of the harvest, that they will be given ample opportunities to see and understand Your continuous and unceasing work in their lives. Thank You Father, for Your Word does not return to You void, but it accomplishes what You intend for it to do. I ask all these, Father God, in the holy name of Jesus Christ, asking you to bless and strengthen us with Your wisdom, Holy Spirit, salvation, and deliverance. Amen.

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