Playdate with V & S

It has been a long while since we last had a playdate with Miss V and S! The last time Little E played with Miss S was in September 2014. That was about 1 year ago! Hence, I am very thankful that R made time to meet us today despite her very busy schedule!

We entered the Botanic Gardens at the Nassim Gate and parked our car near the Visitor Centre. Shortly after, R arrived with her girls too, and all of us walked towards the Symphony Lake. As we approached the water body, we passed by palms of various types and sizes that populate the gently sloping valley, looking out for unwelcome pigeons that forage for food, often competing with the turtles for the morsels of bread that we toss into the lake. True enough, minutes after we began feeding the turtles near the lake shack, a flock of pigeons fluttered towards and hovered around us, causing our girls to scream in protest!

Hence, we abandoned the turtle-feeding and our girls scurried along the path towards the central core, while the famished V and S snacked on the remaining bread. Today’s outing was refreshing for us because instead of doing our usual routine, we followed the route that R normally takes her girls on.

Cactus Garden

After the Symphony Lake, we walked uphill towards the National Orchid Garden, passed the waterfall cave, and arrived at the Sun Garden. The desert landscape displays succulents and other plants of arid regions that stand out from the surrounding lush green tropical foliage. As usual, these plants originating from dry climates fascinate and capture our attention with their bizarre and beautiful shapes, forms, and colours.

Sun Garden

As for Little E, it was the sculpture found within the Sun Garden that captivated her. Water flows from father to son in this sculpture (named “Passing on Knowledge”), symbolising knowledge being passed on from generation to generation. Through this art piece, Singaporean sculptor Victor Tan hopes to encourage closer interpersonal relationships between generations.

We walked further on and reached the 85 yo Bandstand, an iconic landmark of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The ring of Yellow Rain Trees surrounding it provide a beautiful backdrop of light green and yellow foliage, while our children enjoyed a brief game of balling fun.

As we walked towards the Frangipani Grove, the older girls already knew what they were there for! Onto the wrought iron swings they hopped, enjoying the breeze as they sat on one of the swings under the fragrant trees. Little E followed suit and savoured the swinging moments with Miss V and S, chuckling with S when V operated the swing with all her might.

The girls picked up flowers fallen onto the path that we were treading on, Frangipani and Purple Bignonia… and took pleasure in accessorising their crowns with the pretty flowers.

Squirrel scampering past

Although the playdate was short, besides having a great outdoor exercise of fun walking and running, our beloved children had time to play with each other, chatted a wee bit, played ball, enjoyed swinging, picked up flowers, and spotted squirrels along the way!

Can’t wait to meet these sweeties again! Lovely hugs!

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