New Milestone – Thumbs Up!

Today, we noticed Little E could finally do a proper thumbs-up in response to the word “Good”!

Here is an adorable video of her doing that after seeing J off to see his patient in the hospital.

We went home shortly after bidding farewell to J. And I just had to introduce these cute pictures of Little E rocking her colour blocking style at home. She has also began to choose and dictate her preference of the apparel, socks and even shoes that she will be wearing after a shower or in anticipation of an outing.

Little E would say, “Pyjamas is for sleeping…” In fact, if we don’t interfere, she would have worn her fanciful pyjamas everywhere she goes, for every single day… Remember the incidences of her insisting on wearing her cottony cozy PJs during Bernard & VA’s wedding, as well as for the wedding of Eu Leong and Germaine….

We have also began a routine of pre-bedtime activity such as sticker pasting coupled with dialogues, as well as rhymes singing. We are definitely beginning to enjoy her toddlerhood. Into the “Terrific Twos” we venture! Yay! Thumbs Up!!

Little E was 23 mo + 13 do today.

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