Playdate with Isaac & Asher in the National Orchid Garden in SBG

We were just at the Botanic Gardens for a playdate 2 days ago, and we were back here today again! This time, we were here to meet Cheryl and her 2 boys!

We met outside the National Orchid Garden, and as soon as Asher saw Little E, she took her hand and off he went, leading her ahead of us. He looked like he knew exactly where to go.

Upon entering the National Orchid Garden, we were greeted by the cascading Crane Fountain, that was set against a gorgeous display of vibrant orchids as its incredibly-captivating backdrop.

We took the wheelchair route because of Little E’s stroller, and turned right towards the Golden Shower Arches. Along the way, we couldn’t resist lining up our children to take pictures of them at a beautifully decorated photospot. They looked so adorable together that an old couple asked us if they could have a picture with them!

We walked through the Golden Shower Arches and admired the entire grandeur of it. The Oncidium Golden Shower orchid had been my childhood favourite flower. I remembered my mother used to bring me to the market when I was very young, and she would always buy a bunch of “Golden Showers” from her usual florist, and I would cradle the paper-wrapped flowers in my arms as we walked home.

We continued on our path and came to a wide stairway that was adorned with “weeping” wispy branches along its parallel sides. It was a beauty to behold.

Canopy of trees

It led us to the Tan Hoon Siang Mist House which houses a colourful collection of different hybrids, as well as a host of rare orchid cultivars from the Gardens’ collection. An interesting fact is Tan Hoon Siang was a descendant of Tan Tock Seng, who was a philanthropist and founder of the Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

There were far too many beautiful orchids that were seen in the Mist House, and each one of them were uniquely captivating. Flower enthusiasts must visit this Mist House to immerse themselves in the beauty and subtle fragrance emitted by these fascinating orchids, and to take time to appreciate the diversity and beauty of each different species.

Studies find flowers provide an instant and lasting mood boost, and they have the power to alleviate stress, uplift a person’s spirit, and ease away depression symptoms and anxiety. They provide a free dose of chromotherapy too, which uses the powers of colours to stimulate our emotions. Why would anyone not love flowers?


We proceeded to the Cool House, desperate to cool off from the warmth and humidity of the 32°C evening. This miniature version of ‘Gardens by the Bay’s Cloud Forest, simulates tropical forests found at high altitude. The cool air, drifting mist and rushing torrents creates a highly realistic representation of a montane forest. Spectacular orchids preferring colder climates can be seen there, as well as a selection of fascinating carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap, Sundew and pitcher plant.

We were reluctant to leave the Cool House because it is such an ideal location to parry the unpleasant heat from the weather. With much reluctance, we trudged on, out of the cool and into the heat as we exit the Cool House. The welcoming Farfugium Fountain greeted us and melted our weather-induced discomfort away. Below, Little E was seen pointing to the adjacent sculpture of a little girl (named “Little Girl With Shell”), and curious Isaac and Asher went closer to peer at the treasure it has found in the water, leaving our children mesmerised by her rapt curiosity.

Just round the corner, we found baby pineapples that were starting to bloom forth in the low bushes lining the path upon which we treaded. They were so cute – both the boy and the pineapple!

Isaac with the baby pineapple.

Isaac with the baby pineapple

We walked past the Celebrity Orchid Garden which displays an impressive array of new hybrids that were named after celebrities who were invited to the National Orchid Garden, as a way to commemorate their visits. Then we stopped by the Tiger Orchid Fountain for a brief rest, while our children posed for our cameras! 3, 2, 1… Snap! Snap! Snap!

We made our way out of the Garden and decided to have a ball of a time (pun intended) in the Palm Valley.

Isaac was so active and insisted we all play “catch”, how could we reject this boy?! It turned out to be the best time Little E and I have ever had in the Botanic Gardens, ever!

We had so much fun, amidst the perspiration trickling down our backs and heads, as we ran zig-zag, side-to-side, round and round, etc. trying to catch, or trying not to be caught… These brought Little E so much joy and made her chuckled and giggled so hard, I thought she might just collapsed from over-laughing…. Lol!

But my worries were unnecessary, because sweet Asher always had Little E in mind. That was him fetching water for his princess, on his own accord, without us prompting him at all!

Asher the water boy

Little E slept early and deeply tonight… I can’t wait to play with these boys again… God bless them!

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