The Great Reunion – Days 3 and 4

After a relaxing weekend with Mum and Dad, our weekday routine resumes. There were some errands that Mum and Dad had to take care of yesterday, and today was also a day of rest for them, since the plans of meeting Aunty Maggie was postponed.

As for Little E and me, we attended Moms Bible Study & Fellowship as usual. Today’s session was actually a book discussion on Jodie Berndt’s “Praying the Scriptures for Your Children”. We were on chapter 12: Praying for Kids in Crisis, and had a lengthy discussion about the Shunammite woman recorded in 2 Kings 4 and 8. We were baffled by the response of the Shunammite woman when her son came down with some kind of illness and died that same day in her lap. Pearl, Cheryl and I wondered if we were in her shoes, what would each of us have done instead.

The simple and sincere faith of the Shunammite woman led to a series of amazing events during times of trouble. In our present world of crisis, we are comforted for the fact that God still uses His people’s humble acts of service to bless both the giver and the receiver. If there is a silver lining to be found in crisis situations, it is that they remind us of how much we need God. For they break down our notions of self-sufficiency, reveal our inadequacies, and drive us straight into the out-stretched arms of God.

At the end of the session, we were reminded that God is sovereign. He who watches over us, neither sleeps nor slumbers, for He loves us and our children, and He is always in control. When we face crisis of our own, may we be found faithful, and to respond not with our own strength or abilities, but with perseverance, thanksgiving and trust in The Lord.

This evening, we went out with our neighbours again! You can tell how excited we all were by just looking at how happy we were, running towards the Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay!

Children's Garden at GBTB

An outing with Bernice and her 4 yo daughter, LT have always been fun-filled affairs. More often than not, both Bernice and I enjoyed catching up with each other’s lives and happenings while our girls played.

Having fun with LT at Children's Garden at GBTB

Today was no exception, we talked about ballet, our husbands, our children, etc. LT is currently interested in dancing, and Bernice was deciding between enrolling her in Singapore Ballet Academy or Cheng Ballet. Both are stellar ballet academies in Singapore! Regardless which company LT joins in the end, passion will take her far.

We played for about an hour till the announcement came on and the water stopped flowing and spurting at the closing of the water play area.

Having fun with LT at Children's Garden at GBTB

We packed up and wrapped them up in their towels, took a series of pretty cute pictures of the two darlings sitting on a bench…

LT and Little E sitting on log

… and picked up flowers along the way.

Looking forward to our next adventure already!

Me and the cuties!

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