Artsy Morning: The Great Reunion Day 5

I See You See Me

We had a play to catch early this morning! Left home at 8+ am to take the train at peak hour towards City Hall, where we walked towards the Esplanade. Along the way, we had the opportunity to appreciate the ongoing I See You See Me exhibition displayed along the tunnel leading to the Esplanade.

I See You See Me

Surrounded by popping colours both from animated films as well as wall exhibits, both Little E and I were captivated beyond measure. Through the art installations, the Singaporean artist, Mrydette, aims to encourage people to recognise that everyone is unique in their own way.

I See You See Me

Such a meaningful initiative it is, that values interactions between humans and the manner in which we appreciate and honour one another.

Harvest @ Esplanade

When we reached the Esplanade, there was another ongoing visual arts project titled Harvest. The artwork simulates a fruitful harvest to mark Singapore’s golden 50th anniversary and the new beginning of the next 50 years to come.

I was really glad that we reached the Esplanade Recital Studio with time to spare. The set was decorated with colourful installations to simulate The Magic Jungle, produced and presented to us by PLAYtime!

Specially written and produced for young children aged 2 to 4 year olds, little ones as well as their grown-ups enjoyed the discovery of an amazing world of colours hidden in the jungle through theatrical, musical and interactive fun.

Little E was seen mimicking the actions of the characters, swinging like the sloths, trumpeting like the elephant, skipping like the deer, etc. We were very delighted to have swung by this magical jungle!

The story started with a toucan who lost its coat of rainbow colours when it was taking a shower. The children were led by the characters to help the funny toucan find back all its colours from the animals they found in the magic jungle. In looking for the colour indigo, every single child was given a toothbrush to help brush the crocodiles’ teeth, afterwhich one of the crocodiles spat out the indigo colour, which it had accidentally swallowed in a nearby stream.

Finale of The Magic Jungle

The play was concluded with a vibrant burst of colours, popping out from boxes that were set as stage props. The play ended with a grand finale where the children went bonkers over the tons of coloured balls all over the venue. What a fiesta of colours!

After all the fun in The Magic Jungle, we decided to take a walk along the link-bridge that connects the Esplanade and the Merlion Park at One Fullerton.

This morning walk had a breathtaking view of the Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline to boot. The grand merlion at the end of the link-bridge was our prize, and Little E was certainly thrilled to see her favourite mythical creature at its grandest form, standing tall at over 8 metres (28 feet).

Colourful stall

Candy Boulevard at Fullerton

We walked past the eye-catching polychromatic Candy Boulevard and just had to stop to find out what it is all about, and of course, for a picture too! With its unique concept of combining local treats and desserts with international-brand confectioneries, this is truly a one of a kind store that seeks to satisfy both locals and visitors with its innovative flavours.

Then we went into the beautiful Fullerton Waterboat House Souvenirs, and saw so many interesting ornaments that represent pieces of Singapore. Visitors will have no difficulty finding the appropriate souvenir as a keepsake for fond memories of our beautiful island city.

And, that was the end of our eventful and stimulating morning for today.

When we returned home for lunch and afternoon nap, Mum and Dad were not in sight. They have went out to meet Mum’s sisters, Aunty Doris and Aunty Maggie. You may be wondering why the previous 2 posts, along with this and the upcoming posts are titled The Great Reunion. Besides having Mum and Dad with us again (which is a reunion itself), the eminent reason was because Aunty Maggie, Joan, Serge and their daughter Lianna came back to Singapore, all the way from Canada! That calls for a celebration in itself because they have been residing in Canada for more than 20 years.

The three sisters reunite

When we were residing in Calgary in 2013, Mum and Dad who came over to help us with our then-new baby E, did took the opportunity to travel to Montreal and Quebec City to meet Aunty Maggie, and Joan & Serge.

Reunion at Newton Circus

Tonight, everyone planned to meet at Newton Circus for some good local food, particularly for them who missed Singapore food fare. Unfortunately, we had left before Joan, Serge and Lianna arrived, due to Little E’s bedtime.

Joan, Serge and Lianna at Newton Circus

Can’t wait to meet them in person soon! We have so much to talk about!

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