The Great Reunion – Day 7

Little E woke early this morning and was enlisted by Mum to help in making minced patties, of which we packed some for our lunch pack to be brought for our outing today. That was her pinching bits of bread into the bowl of minced pork.

Playtime with 嫲嫲

Playtime with 嫲嫲 ensued and Little E was kept busy and joyful the whole morning.

Little E was then asked to help in the preparation of the gift box that is to be given to Serge, Joan and Lianna (SJL). We left home shortly after to pick up SJL from their hotel at 10:30 am, to spend a fun-filled day at the SEA Aquarium.

Little E was really grouchy when she first met SJL in the car, due to stranger-anxiety perhaps? But that quickly faded away when we reached Resorts World Sentosa.

Lianna and Little E

She became Lianna’s little 乖妹妹 as soon as we entered The Maritime Experiential Museum of the SEA Aquarium.


Serge, Joan and 11 yo Lianna reside in Laval, Quebec, Canada. We didn’t have a chance to catch up with them when we were living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2013, partly due to my pregnancy and the arrival of Little E in the third quarter of the year. However, Mum and Dad did travel to the east part of Canada to visit Aunty Maggie who resides in Sherbrooke, Quebec, as well as SJL in Laval when Little E turned 1+ mo.

We have always wanted to meet SJL in person, hence, when we learnt that they would be coming to Singapore for a family visit, I was really excited and had been looking forward to see them and to know them personally.

They are such wonderful people, meek, considerate, and overflowing with joy and love in Christ. I feel so blessed to be part of the family! In fact, there were no barriers between us, no queasy feelings whatsoever, we simply enjoyed each other’s company throughout the outing, and couldn’t wait to see more of each other, so that we could spend more time to get to know each other more and more.

Serge mesmerised by the vast aquarium.

When we arrived at the oceanarium, which is one of the largest in the world, the colossal viewing panel had them wowed in synchrony. We spent a great deal of time there, admiring the marine animals that occupy the oceanarium, and taking pictures and videos of them.

We were all mesmerised by the sheer size and impeccable grace of the manta rays gliding past us. Who wouldn’t? It was such a sight to behold. The decision to bring SJL to the SEA Aquarium was God-sent. I have no prior knowledge that both Serge and Joan are adept divers and love marine life as if they were merman and mermaid respectively. I was so delighted when they told me about where they used to dive and how they came about learning to dive in the beginning.

We spent more than 3 hours in the SEA Aquarium, learning about the marine animals not just from the information boards, I’ve also learnt some facts about jelly fishes from Joan and Serge through their experiences.

Liana kept Little E in her sight, always looking out for my little one. Besides busily snapping pictures of the beautiful schools of fishes and fascinating corals that beautify the aquarium they occupy, Lianna took lots of pictures of Little E as well. She even made a collage of her in her iPad!

We left the oceanarium with me carrying Little E all the way back to our car, be it in my arms or on piggyback… We dropped SJL off at Takashimaya so that they could continue their day, while I headed home with Little E for her nap…

But who knows, Little E had already dozed off soundly on the way home… While we were out in the aquarium, Mum and Dad went to the Trinity Theological College and took a walk down memory lane. It is such a blessing to see them so joyful and loving in the Lord.

While Mum and Dad were still out, Little E and I napped for 3 hours, and woke up to the aroma of Mum’s signature chicken casserole wafting through the air…

I made long bean omelette from the long beans that Mum bought and prepared, and cooked mixed grain porridge for Little E. We had a great meal again! How blessed! Despite having had such a long day, it was eventful and our hearts are filled with thanksgiving and praise to The Lord, our God who is sovereign and full of grace.

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