The Great Reunion – Day 8

Our eventful day started at Wee Care @ Tanglin, a fun-filled morning of learning through play!

An afternoon of fun-baking with 嫲嫲 followed, Mum taught me how to make apple crumble from scratch, a simple but yummy recipe from Mei Tsin! Mum was very patient and loving in allowing Little E to help make the crumble. It was such a blessing to watch them and I thank God these precious moments were wonderfully captured in camera!

The apple crumble was put into the oven to bake, while I put Little E to sleep! Ever since our precious daughter was born, J and I have never had a date till now. Today was our chance. Our golden chance! because Mum had very kindly prepared herself to take on the babysitting so that we could enjoy our “first” date.

The Lord has been very gracious to us by granting us such great timing and allowing Little E to nap so soundly while we were away. She napped earlier than usual today, and we were able to try out Fat Cow’s set lunch because of that. Knowing that Fat Cow is always full on weekends, we still decided to give it a try at walk-in without reservation. And thank God! the waitress welcomed us into the restaurant, but gently reminded us to vacate the table by 2 pm, which we gladly obliged.

Wefie at Fat Cow

We were so thankful to be given a chance to go out on a “first” date with each other. We enjoyed the conversation and sweet-nothings that were exchanged over the excellent meal we had. When we reached home, Little E had not moved an inch from the position I have placed her in. She was still deep asleep. So we rested too.

Upon awakening, the sweet smell of freshly baked apple crumble were beckoning us. Though we did not have all the ingredients, the apple crumble still turned out to be a huge success! Little E loved it too!

Mt Faber run

By evening, we drove to Telok Blangah Hill for our exercise. Mum and Dad had been yearning to revisit the place after so long. After all, it used to be a stone throw’s away from where we stayed. And I used to run uphill and down everyday… Well, that was all before we went to Canada, had a baby, and relocated…

It was such a great feeling to be back in Mt Faber, Henderson Bridge, and Telok Blangah Hill Park. We were all smiles and laughter the entire evening…

Henderson Bridge

Little E had her dose of happiness too, running upslope on the Henderson Bridge trying to catch J and me, with 嫲嫲 encouraging her from behind…

Henderson Bridge

Our evening run was followed by a feast of “slurpilicious” beef noodles at Hock Lam Noodles in Alexandra Retail Centre. It was Dad’s first visit to Hock Lam, and we were glad he liked it as much as we do.

Hock Lam Noodles

After dinner, we allowed Little E to enjoy some time on the various kiddy rides found just outside the eatery. There, she made 2 new friends who pretended to be giving her a lift to somewhere near their destination… And we, joined in the fun too! Hee Hee Hee!

ARC kiddy rides

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