The Great Reunion – Day 9

This was the last night of Mum & Dad’s trip to Singapore for the great reunion. We had a sumptuous dinner at Wee Nam Kee.

JRE and Mum at WNK

The famed restaurant was crowded as expected for dinnertime. We ordered the usual fare and ate to our hearts’ content.

Joan called us shortly after, and we went home immediately to meet them at our pool. Little E would be turning two in slightly more than a week’s time, we wanted an intimate birthday celebration with love ones this year. Hence, with Dad and Mum as well as Joan, Serge and Lianna, we sang Little E a birthday song in the comfort of our home, with Twelve Cupcakes as the birthday cake.

Advanced birthday celebration for Little E

Little E was very shy at the presence of Joan, Serge and Lianna, but it didn’t take long for her to settle herself in time for the blowing of candles.

Birthday song and blowing candles

Following the celebration, Mum and Dad presented a birthday present to Little E, which she happily unraveled the wrapper to reveal a box of Duplo play set! That certainly helped to jet her off immediately into a rocket-sky high mood, which melted all her initial shyness away.

While Little E played with her new toys, the grown-ups enjoyed a time of fellowship over tea and cakes, as we listened intently to Serge and Joan sharing their testimony of how the Lord has worked in their lives. It was such an awesome blessing to hear His story intertwined in theirs, the testimony was sure and glorifying to God Himself, and we are just so thankful for this great reunion here in Singapore. Like I have mentioned in an earlier post, it was our desire to meet Serge, Joan and Lianna since the day we heard they would be coming to Singapore, particularly because we didn’t get the chance to visit each other during our time in Canada.

JRE with SJL

Moreover, hearing how Mum and Dad lent a pivotal role in their influence over their walk with The Lord during their stay in Canada opened our eyes to new insights into the sovereignty of God, of how He can make us into useful vessels to touch the lives of His people, all in His perfect timing and good pleasure. We are just so blessed to have wonderful parents who are not only prayer warriors, they are faithful followers of The Word.

The four sisters reunite

This reunion meant as much to them as it is to us. For Mum, it was a once-in-many-years opportunity to reunite with all her sisters. A time to be cherished, moments that are too precious to not forget.

Farewell to SJL

Though Little E appeared extremely shy and adverse to Serge, she did always ask in her usual innocent way, “Where is Uncle Serge?” whenever he was out of her sight. We were very proud of her when she plucked up her courage to kiss him farewell tonight.

Aww… we will be missing this precious lovely family when they return to Quebec City, Canada. May God continue to work in all our lives, such that all that we do will glorify Him. Let our hearts be filled with thanksgiving to the One who will not withhold His blessings, rather, it is His pleasure to watch over us and make sure we do not stumble as He steadies our steps, such that we can hold onto His everlasting promise, which will come to pass one day. To God be all praises and glory to the Lord, for ever. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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