The Great Reunion – Day 10

Today was the day that Mum and Dad returned home to Penang. We woke early to send them to the airport. To our pleasant surprise, while we were driving on the way, we saw J’s car alongside ours! He had intended to surprise all of us, little did he expect our cars will run into each other along the way before we entered T1’s carpark.

We bade a sweet farewell to Mum and Dad, with hearts that sank deep with gratitude, for they are truly such wonderful parents, who are great role models for us. We would be missing them till we see each other again in London for our Great Family Road Trip in UK.

We lingered around the airport for a while, buying doughnuts and posing with oversized durian ornaments found in Terminal 2.

Krispy Kreme baby

Little E looking irresistibly adorable donning the Krispy Kreme hat and eating the best-seller glazed doughnut. ;p

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