Little E’s 2nd Birthday Celebration

Our eventful day started in church this morning. Tomorrow is the day that Little E turns 2!

Harvest Kidz 06072015

Little E praying in Sunday school as led by the teachers.

Little E running in the convention hall after Sunday school, showing off her craft work of Joseph’s colourful coat.

Little E was decked out in her birthday dress and shoes which 公公 bought for her.

What’s a birthday without balloons? Besides, balloons cheer her up any day… moreover today is an extra special day, her innocent joy is shown on that beautiful face of hers…

Birthday cake in the making

While she was having fun with the balloons, I was in the kitchen busy baking a vanilla butter cake and having it hand-cut into a figure 2. I just had to bake her a number birthday cake, and I have resolved to do it every year. As usual, my little one couldn’t wait to get her hands on the fragrant buttery cake!

Little E’s 2nd birthday celebration was an intimate affair this year. My family has set aside time to come over to our place for her birthday today. My brother joined us for a pre-celebration swim and Little E was very delighted to have Daddy and 舅舅 swimming with her today…

Lovely lifeguards

… as well as having 公公婆婆 our lifeguards! They were even colour-coordinated, it was as if they were wearing lifeguard uniforms ;D

Little E's 2nd Birthday cake

And this was the home-baked vanilla butter cake. The figure 2 was drawn free-hand on a drawing board, and the cake was cut out straight from a 13″ x 9″ baking sheet (as seen in the previous picture above).

JRE on Little E's 2nd birthday

Little E praying/making her birthday wish!

Family photo

It was such a blessing to have Dad, Mom and my brother joined us in this wonderful birthday celebration! And hey! look how loving my father and brother looked in the picture! Priceless. We are extremely thankful for our family who love us so much. It is just so heartwarming to celebrate Little E’s birthday together like this today.

Here, it was clear that I was more excited than the birthday girl… Who can deny that every birthday of a child holds a special place in every mother’s heart?! This can be seen on my mother’s joyful expression! She must be a proud grandma!

Dear merciful Heavenly Father and gracious Lord of all that lives, we can’t thank You enough for giving us Elizabeth, this precious child whom You have so specially created for us. Thank You Lord for placing her in our family. With each year that passes, make this dear child more like You, Lord Jesus. We pray that You will teach her to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk in humble fellowship with You. May she delight in Your creation and glorify You in her heart as she discovers the talents and abilities You have given her. As her will becomes stronger, please teach her self-control and help her to walk in obedience to Your will and Your commands. Thank you for the delight of knowing this child, made in Your image, and please give J and me the wisdom to shepherd her heart in paths of righteousness, for the sake of Your name. In the precious and holy name of Jesus, we pray this for our beloved child, Elizabeth. Amen.

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