Little E Turned 2!

What a blessed day! Our little one turns 2 today! Having had the previous celebrations with 嬷嬷爷爷 and 公公婆婆, today is the day Little E celebrates her special day with Mommy and Daddy!

We waited for J to return home from work, and went out for dinner at Scrumptious at the Turf at the Grandstand.

We were so blessed to occupy the same seats we chose when Little E and I last came here with my father and VA, because they are situated just right beside the play area.

While we were waiting for our food, Little E was happily enagged in the well-equipped play area which has all sorts of toys, that include cuddly stuffed toys, vehicles, puzzles, library of books, a chalkboard for doodling, and even a TV!

We loved their signature Cajun chicken that is baked with their secret blend of spices, it is simply so tastilicious! My tomato-soup-loving husband enjoyed his soup of the day as well!

Scrumptious at the Turf

As we ate, Little E brought another puzzle to me and tried fitting the pieces into the correct places by herself, while I fed her cut-up pieces of chicken and fries occasionally.

Unfortunately, Scrumptious at the Turf does not offer a free kids meal at dinnertime like it does for lunch. Nonetheless, Little E has already had her home-cooked dinner en route to The Grandstand. 😅 In between the snacking, another child joined her in the playroom and started doing a handstand upon the chalkboard. Little E followed suit! 😂

Back home, we had a mini surprise in stall for her. Acknowledging her fervency in blowing birthday candles, we set up the remaining cake scraps that were leftovers from yesterday’s celebration, and sang her the birthday song in both English and Mandarin, with her singing along with us! Oh! Did I mention? She loves singing the birthday song. 😊

And “whooooo…….” she went, blowing off the candles all by herself. Took her a few attempts, but we really enjoyed watching her determined expressions.

Presents hidden in tent

That was her emerging from her tent with the birthday presents we got her where we had hidden them. She was exclaiming “Barney! Barney”!

Oh Lord Jesus, bless this precious girl!

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