Playdate with Bennett and Isabelle

Little E knew 22 mo Bennett from Medley Music School. Together, they have attended Medley for at least 6 months now, and Katherine and I have became good friends. We were very kindly invited to their home for a playdate, along with Bennett’s classmate, Isabelle from Sparkanauts.

Arriving at Bennett’s room, we were instantly transformed to an indoor playground of sorts, a very cosy and inviting one. Bennett is so blessed to have such an amazing room, all to himself. Jolene and I wondered if Katherine ever finds it difficult to put Bennett to sleep every night, given the number of toys and play equipment he has in his room. Will Bennett not want to play till daylight every night?

The three children played with everything and anything they could find in the room, from slide to ball pit, PlayDoh, musical instruments, drawing, all sorts of toys, etc. We played for a total of 3 hours with one short intercession for Bennett and Isabelle to drink milk from their bottles, while Little E continued to explore the “playground”.

The 3 stay-at-home moms chatted and shared while our children (who are all 2 months apart from each other) played. Isabelle was 26 mo, Little E 24 mo and Bennett was 22 mo. Jolene and Katherine walked to the nearby eatery to have lunch with their toddlers, whereas I brought my little one home because I have already prepared lunch for her this morning.

Little E dozed off (as expected) on the way home, and continued sleeping thereafter, soundly and safely…

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