Playdate with Chloe

We attended Medley Music School as usual this morning. Teacher Sher Lyn allowed Little E to try playing the xylophone with both hands, seeing that Little E is capable in coordinating her alternate knee taps very well. Little E was the only student that the teacher allowed that.

After an enjoyable music class, we went straight to my cousin’s place in Punggol for a playdate with 3+ yo Chloe! How exciting!!!

What took us so long to organise a playdate for C and E? It was such an eye opener to see Chloe swarmed with that many toys and gadgets that are enough to consider converting their house into a toy store!

Little E doesn’t play well with many children, but with Chloe, it was a hit! The two interacted like sisters, with Chloe eager to show Little E her heaps of toys and battery-powered life-sized automobiles and stash of bicycles and tricycles. While they played, 小姑 and I caught up with each other, and sharing about Chloe and Little E’s eating habits, diets, school, etc. It was hard to believe when 小姑 said Chloe doesn’t play well with others too, so she was pleasantly surprised that Chloe took great care of Little E and showed sisterly love toward her throughout the 2 hrs while we were there.

Little E was so comfortable playing with Chloe, she didn’t want to go home! In fact, she even wanted to nap with Chloe in the same bed when Chloe announced to 小姑 that she was tired and would like to take a nap.

Nonetheless, we did manage to separate the two, and headed home. As expected, my girl knocked out on the way home…

KO after the playdate

I am extremely thankful to have cousins whom I was closed to. I hope that our kinship will be rekindled and bubbling with much love, because after we each got married and started our own families, we have drifted apart with time. Hence, I am looking forward to more playdates as such! Hope to have Amelia join us next time too!

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