Kayla’s 3rd Birthday Party

Kayla is Vivien’s first daughter, and how time flies! Kayla turned 3 today! We were invited by the hot mama to the birthday celebration at their apartment, which is just across the road from ours.

We were told it would be a princess party. And so indeed! Princess Sofia the First was everywhere, from backdrop to utensils, you name it, they have it. Of course, little Kayla the birthday girl was looking pretty like a princess herself!

Kayla's 3rd Birthday

We were very thankful and blessed to be part of the celebration. It was such a joy to see our children grow and getting more sociable with each other as they become older.

Kayla's 3rd Birthday

A photo with Vivien and her 2nd daughter, Kaitlyn.

After the dessert-laden party, we went straight to the Botanic Gardens for our evening run. The sky turned a gorgeous purplish hue as the day approached its finale. I am often mesmerised by the beauty of sunrise and sunsets, particularly when glorious colours interplay with each other in the sky, creating its unique display of splendour, a signature of its own kind for each significant day, regardless of whatever had happened to whoever in that day. God sees it all. God knows it all.

After all, each sunset is His signature for every single day that God, the Artist has created. I can only be thankful I live by His grace to see their manifestations akin to an ever-changing exhibition gallery of the “bestest” art-form ever known to humans.

The Lord be blessed for ever and ever.

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