Belated Birthday Present

More than a week has past since Little E set foot into the “Terrific Two” stage. Bestie and LT had been wanting to meet up to deliver the birthday gift they had so sweetly prepared for her.

Little E received her belated present

And today was the day! They came into our house for a mini playdate and gave us a big gift bag containing the belated birthday present as well as a box of Nature Valley granola bars.

LT assisted Little E in unwrapping the present, the emergence of a pretty Barbie hooded towel upon the hasty unveiling sent Little E into an elated mode.

LT and E unwrapping the present

Bestie remembered that Little E liked the snack bars when she shared it with us during our last playdate at the Gardens by the Bay’s Children’s Gardens.

Moreover, Little E loved loved loved the granola bars! I was really surprised she still had the appetite to finish one whole bar after a huge portion of dinner that I gave her tonight.

It didn’t matter that the thoughtful gifts were belated, it is the thought that counts! And hey! These gifts were spot-ons for Little E! Thank you Bestie!

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