4th Wedding Anniversary Staycation Weekend

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary with a staycation in Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) over the weekend.

RWS Staycation

We chose to rest and relax in RWS instead of flying to somewhere due to its proximity, accessibility, convenience and the chockfull of fun and laughter we could load up during the staycation. Naturally, although it is our wedding anniversary, we wanted Little E to have the most fun because she is the fruit of our love.

We proceeded to check in at Festive Hotel and was daunted by the crowd gathered at the reception counter. As expected, we were told that our room was not ready, so we deposited our luggage there, to be taken care of by the bellboy, and off we went to spend our leisure time at Universal Studios. While waiting for J to purchase the entry tickets, we bumped into my classmate and his family! Unlike us who were just about to enjoy all that Universal Studios has to offer, they had just finished having fun and were on their way home!

Photo courtesy of TYK

Photo courtesy of TYK

As fun as it sounds, this was only our 2nd time visiting the theme park. The last time we were here was years ago during one of my birthdays. I remembered how crowded it was, resulting in us not being able to enjoy all the rides.

This time, we came without any expectations, knowing that it was a weekend after-all. We spent most of our time at Madagascar since Little E was too young and not tall enough to attempt most of the rides in the theme park.

We retreated to our hotel to rest, before heading out again for dinner at Din Tai Fung. We took a quiet saunter down the stretch, taking pictures with stands and figures that we find amusing, particularly those that are adored by our little one.

Then onto the monorail we hopped! to be on our way to watch the only permanent night show in the world set in the open sea → “Wings of Time”! Before we left for Calgary, we remembered it was “Songs of the Sea” and it was a free show.

Now that it has been superseded by an entire new show, tickets had to be purchased to enter the arena. We enjoyed “Wings of Time” more than its predecessor, because the show has not only retained the usual extensive pyrotechnics, water jets, flame bursts, lasers and colours, the added robotic fountains, 3D video mapping and enhanced pyrotechnic effects, coupled with a brief live cast and audience engagement made the overall experience as entertaining as it was captivating!

The exciting “walk-a-jog” back to our hotel became one of the highlights of the night. The terraneous route we took had us tread through a wonderland of sorts that dazzled us with its stunning display of lights and changing colours. By the time we reached our room, haha! we were famished. Nonetheless, we underwent our nightly routine with Little E to ease her into sleeping in an unfamiliar place.

By the way, we love the room that J chose for this staycation. It came with an extra bunk bed, which became our cosy reading corner.

To many other anniversaries, we pray that The Lord will continue to bless us with so much love for each other in our families, that He be exalted and glorified always in our lives.

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