Potluck at Darren & Jade’s

A great evening of catching up was memorably spent at Darren & Jade’s new place. We finally met up with J’s cousin, Darren, together with his wife Jade. Through the communication threads between J and Darren, about how their wives are master chef and iron chef respectively, in a league of their owns, the men decided for us to have a potluck dinner tonight!

We had a very sumptuous spread of food fare lovingly prepared, served over multigrain quinoa and ladlefuls of ginseng soup. Over dinner, we realised Darren and Jade are very much more health-conscious than both of us, and we were glad to welcome some tips and pointers on living well and fuelling our bodies and minds with clean food. Also, we talked much about what’s been happening in each of our lives, our interests, church, cell groups, etc.

Instead of meeting only once a year during CNY, where everyone from everywhere congregates and convenes in Penang, we were so glad we made time to meet up with each other, and what more, over good and delicious food! While American Darren and Australian Jade are still in Singapore, we should certainly look forward to meeting up more often, perhaps together with Eu Leong and Germaine next!?!

Dear Heavenly Father and gracious Lord, thank You so much for giving us wonderful cousins and giving us the blessed opportunity to meet up and get to know each other better. More importantly, thank You for binding us tightly together in Christ Jesus, our Lord, that we know we serve the same Lord and have the same faith in the only One and true Living God, who is God Almighty and the Most High. Through Your grace and mercy, we found and stand on common ground in our faith and trust in You. We bless You and pray that You will continue to shower Your rich blessings on Darren and Jade. May The Lord bless us all with opportunities to demonstrate the difference that having Christ in our lives makes in our diverse walks of life that each of us are currently in. May we act or react in ways that are consistent with Him, His teachings, and His ways; and in contrast to the world and its ways, such that our light so shine among others, that they may notice it and glorify our Father in Heaven. In the holy and precious name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, we ask these. Amen.

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