Days Become Longer Whenever You Are Away…

24 September 2015

J left for Hong Kong to attend AO Spine conference today. Straight after the meeting, he would be travelling to New York, Memphis, and Minneapolis for SRS conference, back to back. We saw him off at the airport, returned home, and felt the house became so empty, void of his presence, laughter and his constant love.

25 – 26 September 2015

Life went on for the days following his departure. Little E’s schedule kept us occupied throughout the week, and days seemed to pass by more lightheartedly.

In the midst of all the boisterous activities involving learning while having fun and engaged in play, we missed J dearly.

To our surprise though, on the night of the Mooncake Festival, while we were surrounded and mesmerised by the display of vibrantly-lit sculpture-lanterns at the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, J was patiently sitting at the Hong Kong airport, all packed and waiting for a chance to “fly standby”.

Instead of flying straight to New York from Hong Kong, he chose to fly back to Singapore to be with us because he missed us so much too! Awww… and praise The Lord for granting him a free seat! He was the first on standby and was called to board the plane back home. He had decided to pack his luggage after the conference in Hong Kong, and wait by the gate for that golden chance. He arrived by next early morning (Little E was still sleeping soundly when he returned home) and we got to spend the entire day together before he flew off again to Memphis on the same night. We appreciated his love for us, for sacrificing convenience in travel just to be with us. At least, we got to spend a day together.

30 September – 1 October 2015

Medley Music School

The days following his 2nd departure had us involved in Little E’s classes again, as well as staying over at my parent’s place for a few nights. While there, I had the luxury of eating my favourite cheese egg prata every morning! As for Little E, she was just happy to have my family around (for a change!), and going to Nex mall.

2 – 4 October 2015

On days when we returned home, we continued to be lovesick, such that Little E took her beloved figurines for a bumpy ride on the sailboat, from their dollhouse all the way onto our bed… Besides that, we simply played together and incorporated learning concepts from her enrichment classes into our make-believe play.

Occasional bouts of long travel as such leaves us forlorn and pining for each other. We usually travel to anywhere and everywhere together as one, but when it comes to spine conferences, we have decided to not cause unnecessary stress upon J by tagging along e.g. stresses of travelling with a toddler over long flights, and the unwarranted worrying about us while he attends the conference.

After all, in the blink of an eye, the 2 weeks was over! especially when we were busy passing each day with the enjoyable routine schedule we already have, coupled with the stayovers at my parent’s place.

The Sunday before I brought Little E to church, I woke early for a morning run, down the usual route I used to take before I moved out to reside in my wedding nest after marrying J. Nonetheless, now that I have Little E, my runs have been cut short to about 30 min so that I could be back with her soonest possible. That day, I ran 6.34 km and returned home to find my little one safe and snug in my father’s arms, at the void deck’s playground, waiting for me.

After the invigorating and satisfying run, to Zion Serangoon we went! We met familiar faces in the creche, and proceeded to sanctuary 2 for The Little Ones Club, where Little E sang along during worship. It was more than a blessing to watch and listen to the little ones sing with such joy and enthusiasm, to the One who loves them and protects them fiercely.

We went home after service, with a thankful heart towards The Lord for blessing us with spiritual family and the constant love He showers upon us by being by our side, as He promised in His Word.

Little E looking pretty

5 October 2015

Finally, on the day J returned, I met up with Candy to wait for our beloveds at the arrival hall in T3. Coincidentally, both Little E and Abigail have bought chocolate eggs for their amusement in the revealing of the toy surprise to be found in each egg. In the box of 3 eggs that I bought for Little E, before we opened the last egg, we prayed hard for God to give us Dumbo because we know it is nearly impossible to get it… Till this day, we believe with all our heart that God indeed answered our prayer that eventful day. Yes, He is that great and He never disappoints. Even if He does, it is for a good reason according to His sovereign will and pleasure.

While we waited for J and Chang, we sat in TCC as the Chang family had intended to have lunch there, it was a bonus that the seats allowed us to peer into the baggage claim area to look out for our husbands.

The dads' return

As soon as J and Chang appeared, Little E exclaimed, “Papa!” with a deafening excitement that couldn’t be contained any longer in that petite body of hers. J looked like fatigue had a hold on him, while Chang looked refreshed beyond belief. We can understand the stark difference, because J doesn’t sleep well on planes. We are just delighted to have him back with us. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

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