Feeding Giraffe

We visited the zoo again this morning! Upon arrival, we went straight to the giraffes because it was feeding time!

Giraffe Feeding

The giraffe we were feeding seemed famished… Within a split second, it has devoured all the carrots we had in the container! Next time we shall pay for 2 tokens instead of one!

Giraffe Feeding

Straight after the token feeding, we ran to the Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre where the Animal Friends Show was about to begin. Instead of seeing wild animals display their abilities, it was refreshing to watch domestic animals have a chance to shine in this show. In general, the show was not as exciting as others on offer, but we did enjoy cuddling and patting the animals after the show.

Animal Friends Show

After the brief comedic show, we spent some time in the children-friendly Kidzworld. The goats in the stable were waiting and ready to be fed, children were having a splashing good time in the Wet Play area, the multitude of toys in the retail shop were beckoning Little E to touch them, etc….

Then onto the pathway that leads us home we trotted… until we stopped by the proboscis monkeys exhibit. We are proud that our Singapore Zoo has one of the largest collections of proboscis monkeys among the zoos in the world. With just a glass panel separating us from the unique primates, we were entertained by the pendulous-nosed monkeys, as we watched them merely lounging on the tree branches, munching on leaves that they grabbed hold on.

Proboscis monkeys

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One Response to Feeding Giraffe

  1. Singapore Art Gallery Guide says:

    Dear Rebecca,
    your blog reminds me of my own visits to Singapore Zoo, which I really love. Have you also been to the River Safari? It has a remarkable, huge pool with Manatees, and the Pandas, of course. Maybe when little E is a bit older…

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