What the Ladybird Heard

We have switched our mid-morning session in Wee Care to the early morning session this morning, so that we could catch “What the Ladybird Heard” at the SOTA Drama Theatre!

What the Ladybird Heard banner

The production was brought back by popular demand and would only be playing for a limited 7 performances over a period of 3 days. A fan of Julia Donaldson’s books, we knew we had to catch the stage play while it’s here! Furthermore, we love “What the Ladybird Heard” to bits! Little E especially love searching for the tiny glittering insect that appears on every page of the book. 😊

What the Ladybird Heard

What the Ladybird Heard is a story of how one silent ladybird outwit two crafty thieves who were equipped with a map, the key and a cunning plan to steal the prized cow. The witty adventure of how the tiny, but attractively-sparkly ladybird overhears the two bad men and bursts into speech to warn the farm animals of their dastardly plan, fuels the terrific escapade told in Julia Donaldson’s trademark rhyming couplets. πŸ‘πŸ»

What the Ladybird Heard

When we arrived at the venue, we were surprised to see that the theatre was packed to its brim, undoubtably due to the popularity of the award-winning picture book by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monk on which it is based. I instantly fell in love with the set, which made me feel like we had been miniaturised as a rapt audience inside the book itself. Can you believe it? We just walked into the world of the story, thanks to the colourful set that was designed accordingly to the book! The author’s vivid tale from the farmyard and the illustrator’s equally iridescent drawings leapt off the page and onto the stage with such verve and imagination, right there at the SOTA Drama Theatre, here in Singapore! 😱

What the Ladybird Heard

Using intricate puppetry and catchy songs, “What the Ladybird Heard” captivates its audience from the very beginning. The puppetry is beautifully created in the style of the book’s artwork, closely imitating the farm animals featured in the book, by cleverly creating them from the various colourful farming objects found on stage. It was not only fun to watch for the children, but also an inspiration for creative activities at home. In addition, all performers sing and play instruments such as the flute, guitar, and violin, which created a most exciting soundscape for the play, with a genius musical score that’s catchy, well-choreographed and full of warm bubbly energy that helped made the theatre such a dynamic place for children to be excited about storytelling and the arts.

What the Ladybird Heard

The show’s appeal was also boosted by its brevity, with all the actions neatly woven into an hour, barely time for the little ones to get bored, especially since it is coupled with suitably simple language, repetitive songs that are music to the ears, and an uncomplicated plot.

What the Ladybird Heard

As you would expect with a performance for young children, there is plenty of audience participation and interaction, which were not only fun, but educational! Children and adults alike join in with the fun of finding the endearing ladybird and voicing her many animal friends. There were animal noises to make, the familiar elements of the original text to recite, as well as catchy songs to join in with, in fact, so catchy that the entire theatre was thundering with much giggles and singing by the little ones who were happily bobbing about in their seats. I find the songs were great and called for some interaction from the audience which of course went down a storm! Little E joined in too! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

Keeping young children entertained for an hour is no mean feat but with the potent mix of catchy tunes, comical characters and physical theatre, this was as impressive as an hour with a little audience gets. In fact, the time raced by effortlessly, thanks to the superb multi-talented cast of the four actor-musicians who displayed no lack of flair and skill, helming a show that enchanted all who were present. It’s got charm, verve and a very obvious love for a younger audience which is infectious and uplifting to watch. 😍❀️

Making theatre accessible for little ones not only nurtures their creativity and its possibilities, it is also one of the most rewarding experiences for them in appreciating the arts in its most vibrant form that helps put a little more colour into their wonderful little world they call their own… 😍😍😍

With the delightful ending of the play, we collected our emotions and reluctantly left the boisterous theatre that was still beaming with energy from the number of excited children present.

Our fun did not stop there, as we walked together, hand-in-hand towards the Cathay under the scorching hot sun! Thanks be to God for Milk Cow was the first shop that greeted us upon entry to the cineplex. A milky soft serve was just what we needed on such a day! πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

Although we do have a Milk Cow outlet in Novena itself, we found new love in this Cathay outlet, probably still feeling lifted from the play we just watched. Yes, that is what a good play can do our day and even tastebuds! ;p *Slurps! ☺️

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