A Date with our Daughter

We had a wonderful time in Sparkanauts this morning. With the term coming to an end soon, we will probably take a break and resume classes when the new year starts. Today was our first time not rushing home after class to have home-cooked lunch! We decided to dine at Restaurant Hoshigaoka within the same Safra TPY complex.

Elated to have her own lunch set consisting of tomato rice with sausage, chicken karaage, cuttlefish ball, dory fillet, broccoli, Yakult, jelly and Hello Panda biscuits, Little E must be thinking, “This is one of those rare days when Mommy didn’t cook and decided to eat out with me!” Little E was 25+ mo.

Hoshigaoka at Safra TPY

While Little E enjoyed her delectable lunch set, I slowly savoured mine consisting of teriyaki salmon, tempura prawn and veg, chawanmushi, salad, fruits, miso soup and rice. Satisfied, especially when it is so affordably priced despite the large portion. 😋

We really enjoyed our lunchtime so much that we looked forward to doing it again next week. The enjoyment comes solely from this special time we are spending together, rather than the lunch itself, although the lunch sets are quite yummy.

And to end off our special day, we had a very lovely night swim just now. Little E will be sleeping very well tonight. 😀

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