Great UK Family Road Trip – The Preparation

Gearing up for the forthcoming great family road trip in the United Kingdom, I brought Little E to shop for some cold wear in preparation for UK’s chilly weather. She looked so cuddly in that 3 yo down jacket and adult boots which she put on all by herself. (Hmmm… we’ll consider that for our Hokkaido trip this December…)

Back home, we read cute picture books about London, and other stories that originated from the UK to pique her interest and curiosity about the country she was about to visit. Not that it needs any effort in making her look forward to the family trip as much as we do, since meeting her cousins alone would have been the highlight of the impending trip for her. Nonetheless, the books were not only interesting, they were pretty entertaining too!

Then more shopping ensued, this time we went shopping together with 公公 to Suntec City’s Uniqlo outlet which carries a collection mainly for toddlers. And what not to love about Disney characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Frozen characters, Snoopy, etc. at affordable prices! We love Uniqlo!

Before we leave for the long trip, we had dinner with my family at the same Zi Char stall that we love, where B&VA held an intimate post-wedding dinner for family and close friends who came from the U.S. and Vietnam. It was the best way to introduce good local food fare to people they love.

哥哥 ordered all our favourite dishes! Yummy! The salted egg yolk prawns just made us miss VA so so much!

While waiting for the dishes to arrive, Little E made a new friend at the nearby kiddy ride and game machine, a 3 yo Indian boy who was so cute, we just had to give him one of the 2 bouncy balls we won from the machine. And those were the two cuties figuring out how to activate the machine… Hee…

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