Great UK Family Road Trip – The Travel

Day 01: Singapore – London; Putney, West London. Max 13ºC – Min 6ºC.

Today is the day of our long travel. We woke before daybreak for some last minute preparations, made sure there was enough snacks and activity books for Little E for the long flight, then left for the airport on time. We had much time after check-in for Little E to play at the playground, and experience the free-flying butterflies in the Butterfly Garden of Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Changi Airport playground

We loved how natural light pours in through the high glass ceiling, shedding light upon the shadowy dark corners where the butterflies like to gather, allowing us to admire their beauty up close. The tranquil grotto-waterfall was another prominent feature within the garden which helped calm tired or anxious travellers with its soothing cascading sounds. From the educational corners, we learnt that there were about 1,000 tropical butterflies from as many as 40 species during the different seasons of the year. There were also edifying enclosures that allow us to witness the breeding and feeding of butterflies at close range.

We boarded SQ308 which departed Changi Airport at 0905 hrs, and were expected to reach London Heathrow at 1540 hrs, on the same day. The total flying time amounts to about 14 hrs of travel on this flight. We were very thankful that Little E was an angel throughout the flight. She ate well, was entertained by books, videos, etc…

On the plane to UK

… most importantly, she slept well, and slept enough…

Sleeping on flight to UK

We flew back in time from the morning of 24 October 2015 (Singapore time), passed through night and twilight, till we see the morning light of 24 October 2015 again (UK time), then finally arrived in the late afternoon.

Up bright and early on the way to UK

We reached London Heathrow and were warmly welcomed by Dad and Mum at the arrival hall. How glad we were to see them again since their last visit to Singapore in August! The ever thoughtful 嫲嫲 brought cut fruits, and warm clothing for Little E, and our little one was so blessed, and looking so adorable in the outfit that 嫲嫲 brought for her.

We took an airport transfer bus to Sheraton Hotel to collect our rental car, so that we could drive to Putney in West London where JMIDM reside.

Dad and Mum with Little E

It just so happened that tomorrow is the day that UK will observe daylight saving, so that people in this region get to enjoy an extra hour of daylight in the evening since it is autumn when the days are becoming shorter. By the time we collected our car, the sun had began to set for the day.

As we drove towards Putney, traffic got worse due to a sporting event in the region. We took more than an hour to drive from the rental car company to Putney. Despite having awesome company (aka our entire family) and delicious food waiting for us in JMIDM’s house, due to the long flight and unexpected long drive, we decided to drive straight to MK Hotel where we have booked for our night’s stay, to turn in for the night. Although we did not have the luxury to enjoy a proper reunion dinner together with everyone, we still felt all their love and blessings when Josh and Shen turned up at our door, with fresh food delivery, straight from the kitchen of JMIDM’s warm home.

We chomped down the delicious roast pork and beef stew and accompanying salad, while Little E was already in dreamland all the way till the next morning…

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