Great UK Family Road Trip – Land’s End

Day 03: Penzance. Max 14°C to Min 10°C.

We woke before 7 am today, and decided to drive to Tesco to buy groceries, because the 24 hr store was closed at 4 pm on Sundays. Hence, we didn’t manage to get any breakfast essentials last night. Besides cereals, milk, some chocolate digestives, we also waited for the roast chicken to prepare for Little E’s lunch.

By the time we arrived home, everyone was up and we were ready to visit Land’s End, the most western tip of Cornwall, England, which was merely a short drive away from our country house!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.22.30 am

Route map to Land’s End.

Land’s End is the legendary Cornish destination that is perfect for a holiday outing, regardless we were starved of heritage or hungry for new experiences, our thirst for adventure was quenched as we took in the panoramic coastal views, braving the gusts of chilly wind that almost halted our advancing towards the cliff edges if we were any lighter!

Our adventure began in The End to End Story which documented the countless End to End adventurers who have completed the remarkable journey of covering the entire length of Great Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats (or vice versa) by walking, running, cycling and even skateboarding, a distance of over 800 miles by road! It was inspiring to witness their achievements for the “End to End” challenge is certainly not for the faint-hearted!

We were kept warm and calm in the sheltered exhibition, until we stepped out into the open again. The temperature must had been below 10°C with the wind-chill factor…

thumb_IMG_9182_1024thumb_IMG_7257_1024The little town was dotted with interesting shops that were selling Cornish pasty. Note the spelling of pasty vs pastry. The spelling pasty is considered correct in the United Kingdom to describe a savoury pie that is usually filled with vegetables and meat in a semicircular shape. It is commonly spelled as pastie in Australia though. That was Little E playing with puddles just in front of the Bakehouse.

J was holding a Cornish pasty while the kids were all pumped up to get their kite flying… but the blustery winds were just too squally that hampered any efforts to get the kite up and soaring…

We made our way to the iconic Land’s End Signpost, a legendary Cornish symbol that was erected by a family-run business since the 1950s. We were able to fit the lettering of our Oh Family (plus a hashtag before it!) into the signpost. Look at Matthew and Little E! They looked so adorable!


I love the following picture of our little ones braving the strong chilling gusts at Land’s End. C’mon! We were literally at the end of the land! the most westerly point of Cornwall, England!


We wanted Matthew and Little E to keep warm and comfy, so we welcomed Shen’s idea to retreat into The Land’s End Restaurant, which has been beautifully refurbished with a contemporary look, where we sat back and enjoyed admiring the expansive view of the Atlantic Ocean.

While everyone was relaxing and keeping toasty within the restaurant, waiting for the drinks and finger food to arrive, J and I left Little E in the care of our loving family, and went exploring the far end of the land. We enjoyed our jog up and down the well-paved road that led us near to the tip of the island where we saw the “First and Last Refreshment House in England”.

From the End of Land, we moved on to our next destination: St Ives!

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.14.29 am.png

Route map from Land’s End to St Ives.

Widely regarded as the jewel of Cornwall’s crown, St Ives is a beautiful seaside town that is set in breathtaking coastal scenery. Being the art centre of West Cornwall, St Ives and the surrounding area is marked by lively artistic heritage and sensibility found nowhere else in south-western England.


The town itself arcs around the harbour, which is the heart of the historic fishing community with the legacy of fishing boats bobbing in the harbour itself whilst families play on the beaches of golden sand, and explore winding cobbled streets, finding treasures such as the wide range of small independent shops, restaurants, galleries, etc. Despite the dreich weather during our time there, we could see that the town was buzzing with excitement and exuding its own charm.


We drove towards the end of the town where the St Ives Museum is located before we headed home.

Upon reaching home, the children were kept occupied observing how Shen lit up the real wood fireplace, using conventional methods. We then settled down in the lounge where I helped Matthew perform warm compresses for his chalazion.

Since there was time and daylight remaining before dinner commenced, Dad, Mum, Josh and I took the children to the backyard for some exploration into the woodland.

We found a big apple tree and some raspberry bushes in our backyard.

Mum and Dad retreated back to the house to start preparing for dinner, while Josh and I brought the children further into the private woodland where we found a stream and followed it along the way, till the remaining daylight began to fade, leaving the lights of which we could still glimpse through the foliage. By the time we returned, Bella and Daniella went into the cabin, switched on the spotlights and the children all had a go at table tennis, as well as merry-go-round the table tennis table… Boisterous laughter and giggles filled the cabin, and the joy was contagious.

We were famished by the time we wrapped up our merriment, during which Mum, together with Shen had already cooked up a feast fit for royalty! Shen roasted a very succulent roast lamb shoulder cooked Gordon Ramsay style using the AGA cooker, while Mum made soya sauce chicken and vegetables! Hmmm… my parotid glands were sent into overdrive as I was writing this and looking at the pictures… I miss  the lamb and all of Mum’s cooking!

We gathered at the large wooden dining table, thanked God for the good food and the hands that made them, and the great outings we had today, and eagerly finished all that was served during dinner.


The children all slept early tonight. After tonight’s devotion, all the grown-ups played a game of Scrabble in the dining hall. It was such a great game that was full of excitement and fun vibes! Josh and Mei Tsin emerged as winners, surpassing Shen the sure-winner, because they received bonus points for using up all their tiles at the end of the game! Hah!

I will pour my Spirit into your children. My blessing will be like a stream of water flowing over your family. (Isaiah 44:3b). Love shall bind us all together in perfect unity. (Colossians 3:14)


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  1. Carol says:

    So much fun and excitement in scrabble; till the very end!!!

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