Great UK Family Road Trip – Weymouth

Day 07: Weymouth → Eastbourne Max 17ºC to Min 9ºC

We woke up this morning feeling invigorated and J was determined to buy a pair of new boots for me. So off we went strolling along the streets of Weymouth right after a hearty wholesome breakfast at our B&B. However, it seemed we were up and about too early because none of the shops were opened yet.

Strolling along the streets of Weymouth

Hence, we did some window shopping first and I had set my eyes on a prospective pair from a shoe shop that is not far from our B&B. We waited for it to open, tried on the boots and purchased it right away.

Morning walk in Weymouth

Our last minute shopping in the seaside town Weymouth was brief but purposeful. We also bought a busy book for Little E before driving up to a lookout point on the Isle of Portland that overlooks the Chesil Beach and cove area in Dorset.

Lookout point over Chesil Beach

We played catching with Little E at the lookout point and allowed her to run and loosen up before we journeyed on to the next destination.

Thanks to Dad for capturing a really nice photograph of us at the lookout point! A much treasured family photo with the Chesil Cove as the backdrop.

JRE at lookout point overlooking Chesil Beach

Even though we did not manage to tread our foot on the shingle upon Chesil Beach during this trip, it was already a bonus for us to be able to have a bird’s eye view of the famous Chesil Beach at such a prime location. This UNESCO World Heritage site is considered seen!

Chesil Beach

Then we ventured further south towards Portland Bill till we reached the iconic lighthouse tower, located at the southern tip of the Isle of Portland.

Portland Bill Lighthouse

The Portland Bill Lighthouse Tower is still functioning as a remotely controlled lighthouse that guides vessels around the dangerous coastline to protect shipping from its strong tidal race and shallow reef. The landmark tower is also a visitor information centre, still standing strong. 

RE with the lighthouse

The cliffs at Portland Bill were quarried until the early 20th-century, evidenced by the shedload of large stones near the coast from ex-quarrying in the area. Besides the piles of rocks, we could also see the Pulpit Rock in our photograph below. People had stacked the excavated stones to depict an open bible leaning on a pulpit, hence its given name. As a coastal feature at the southern tip of the Isle of Portland, Dorset, England, this artificial stack of rock was intentionally left in place as a quarrying relic since the 1870s, and remains as a popular tourist attraction on the island, and is often photographed and climbed.

Billowing waves

Instead of walking towards the Pulpit Rock, we were contented to have it grace our photograph in the background as we marvelled at the relentless billowing waves hitting the rocks with great spumes of foam lashing onto the coast where we sat. Having experienced the strong gusts of wind and witnessing the fearsome tidal race, we acknowledged the importance of the iconic lighthouse as a beacon of light and life to vessels that are near.

RE by the coast at Portland Bill

From the most southern tip of Portland island, our road trip journeyed on towards our next destination – Eastbourne in East Sussex, England.

Portland Bill Lighthouse to Eastbourne

By the time we reached the seaside town and checked into our B&B, the sun has already set. Famished and exhausted from the car ride, our growling tummies were gratified at a highly raved and crowded Italian restaurant – Pomodoro e Mozzarella. Our 3-course dinner was very satisfying, given its huge portions. And have I mentioned? Dinner was absolutely delicious.

Service was lively and vibrant, which gave us a much needed uplifting after the long unexpected drive from Weymouth to Eastbourne due to the long weekend traffic. By the time we finished our dinner, the restaurant was already fully packed with patrons. JMIDM and Shen had also just arrived at Eastbourne, but they eventually decided to walk further into town and settled with a quick bite instead.

The night finally ended after a leisurely moonlit stroll at the Eastbourne Pier, one of the most popular piers in UK. We’ll see more of Eastbourne come morning…

Later into the night, while the little ones slumbered away into dreamland, knocks on the door of Dad & Mum’s room could be heard… To have your grown-up children still come knocking on your door, one after the other, just to sit down together to share their life happenings with each other, is a very much-cherished blessing, certainly a memorable time of family bonding carried on into the night.

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  1. Carol says:

    Thank you Rebecca for journaling that precious night that we had with Mei Tsin, Jacob and Shen… Love you😘

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