Great UK Family Road Trip – Eastbourne, White Cliffs, Kent

Day 08: Eastbourne → Kent. Max 15ºC to Min 7ºC

We woke at 7+ am this morning to the sound of the waves and the call of the sea birds, still lulling us to snooze on… By 9+ am, we were all gathered in the dining hall at the basement of the B&B we stayed in Eastbourne. The breakfast was not the most elaborate but it was more than substantial for all 11 of us!

Breakfast at Eastbourne B&B

After the satisfying breakfast, we took a leisurely stroll along the seafront towards the Eastbourne Pier. The sight and outlook of the beachfront is entirely different from what we experienced last night. As it is, light always brings the better side of things in view. Nothing is obscured, the entire facet is brought out in full view to its own glory.

Stroll towards Eastbourne Pier in daylight

We had lots of fun during the stroll. The older children had a ball of time riding atop the men’s shoulders, while Little E was contented with sitting in her stroller, sharing the laughter with her beloved cousins.

The short after-breakfast walk to the pier was refreshing to our minds and bodies. Then we stopped to have a family photo taken – A much treasured photo of our entire family at Eastbourne, to remember we were all there together once.

Family Photo at Eastbourne

The well-preserved Victorian pier is Eastbourne’s stunning seafront landmark, that boasts of fantastic views of the English Channel. A variety of interesting shops including the enchanting Victorian Tea Rooms situated in the middle of the pier, a traditional Fish and Chip shop and an eye-catching colourful ice-cream parlour located at the front of the Eastbourne Pier bring much life to the iconic landmark.

We headed back to the B&B and had time to enjoy a game of Bingo at the relaxing lounge while waiting for the men to bring down all the luggage. Then we set out towards the Beachy Head which is nearby. However, due to time constraint, we somehow did not make it to the attraction. We merely saw paragliders at a distance while on our way towards Beachy Head.

Paragliders towards the Beach Head

Then we turned back, and began our journey towards Kent. The drive was visually rewarding as we were warmly greeted by rows upon rows of beautiful fall colours. We have driven through innumerable passages of glorious displays of autumn leaves during this family road trip. This was taken somewhere in Battle, England while we were on our way to Kent, Canterbury, UK.

Autumn beauty

The splendour of autumn in full display of its glory. It is so beautiful and spectacular (whether the leaves were crowning the trees or carpeting the roadside), you could hear them proclaim the glory of God.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.” (Psalm 19:1-3, KJV)

Autumn beauty

After a 2 hr drive, we saw the chalk walls from afar… It was mesmerising! to me at least… As we draw near towards the white cliffs, one can understand why these White Cliffs of Dover are England’s most spectacular natural feature.

White Cliffs of Dover

Officially designated an Icon of Britain and recognized throughout the world, they have been seen by the nation as a sign of security, inspiration, hope and freedom for centuries. These prominent cliffs were used for defence in both World Wars, and were the first thing many returning soldiers saw as they came home from war. The sight of these white cliffs represents being home and being safe and the peace they can bring. The whiteness of the cliffs also holds significance as the colour is associated with innocence and peace.

White cliffs of Dover

The white cliff was the first thing returning soldiers saw as they came home from war.

But the cliffs are not only important for the Britons, they are world famous as they occupy a very special place in the collective imagination of many, even for those who have never seen them. This is because these cliffs were featured in many songs and poems, most notably by Dame Vera Lynn in her wartime classic “(There’ll be bluebirds over) The White Cliffs of Dover.” It was also mentioned by William Shakespeare in King Lear.

White Cliffs of Dover

These towering chalk cliffs are formed naturally from a very pure form of limestone, and is found to be very rare geologically. Even the flora and fauna across this chalk grassland are unique and can only be found here.

White Cliffs of Dover

Walking along the cliff-top paths was, to say the least, breathtaking. The crisp breeze and quiet serenity further prompted us to appreciate the beauty and to enjoy its special appeal as we took in unrivalled views of the busy English Channel and the French coast. We are very blessed to have set foot on and to have seen these iconic white cliffs today, because researchers have found that the cliffs are undergoing constant erosion. With its importance and prominence, the White Cliffs of Dover should be listed as one of the seven wonders of the world before it disappears in the near future. We will highly recommend anyone to put it on their bucket list!

Seeing that it was already 3.oo pm, we hurried down the cliffs and whisked off to the nearest supermarket. All Blacks was playing against Australia in the Rugby Finals at 4.00 pm! Such an important match that cannot be missed by the Oh family!! We reached the mart and split ways to gather the things we needed to buy, mainly the ingredients for Mum to prepare dinner for tonight. When we reached the mansion, it was a pity we couldn’t check in, so we watched the game in the Broome Park Mansion House, while waiting for our lodges to be ready.

At Kent mansion watching All Blacks

We received our lodge keys at about slightly past 4.30 pm, and headed there immediately. Everyone gathered in our lodge to continue watching the exciting game, while Mum got busy whipping up a feast for all 11 of us.

All Blacks in Kent

Mum made her delicious soya sauce chicken with black eye beans, pork shoulder with bay leaves and garlic, and blanched green beans. We ate all these with a good serving of angel hair on each of our plates! Yums!

And, the cherry on top to cap off this wonderful night? All Blacks won!!!! Hurray!

All Blacks won!

After the game and dinner, we convened for fellowship and devotion led by Josh. He led us to a Christian book he was reading, on Joshua. And we all shared and exchanged some pointers as led by the Holy Spirit. We also shared our prayer items and prayed for each other tonight.

Update: Looking back almost a year later, God answered all our prayers that we brought to His throne of grace, together as a family on the night we spent in Kent, UK. God is so good. My heart sings, “Before I asked, my God meets my needs…”


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