Great UK Family Road Trip – Kent, Pembury and London

Day 09: Kent – Pembury – London. Max 17ºC – Min 5ºC.

Autumn leaves

Window view from our cabin lodge in Broome Park. I could wake up to this forever…

It was early morning when we explored the grounds of Broome Park where our lodges were situated.

E was already eager to look for Matthew to begin a day of exploration in the “woods” together!

Everyone assembled in our lodge to have breakfast, then we all packed and were ready to head back to London where it all began… We prayed together as one family before we all set off.

We drove and gathered in front of the Broome Park mansion, to return the lodge keys for checkout, and to have a much desired family photograph taken at this memorable place.

For our journey back to London, we will be passing by Pembury, a much-cherished destination for Dad, Mum, Mei Tsin and J some 30 years ago. It is my honour and pleasure to invite Dad to pen down his walk down memory lane for the upcoming part of our trip in the next blogpost. Stay tuned!



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