Our 2nd Blessing

My appetite had been very well the past couple of weeks. I was consuming more than usual and somehow felt famished by the next mealtime. And a whole lot of symptoms dawned on me during this time, that I just had to get myself checked. And voila!

It was immense joy when we learnt that God has blessed us with a 2nd addition to our family! My menstruation (and thus presumably my ovulation) finally returned last month after a long hiatus of 26 months post-delivery, while we were still in U.K., on that last night in London before we travelled to Edinburgh the next morning. It was through prayers and a couple months of night-weaning that possibly led to its return. And the following month, we conceived! God is ever so faithful, allowing us to experience yet another miracle in our lifetimes. He did not let us wait for long, and I didn’t have to stop breastfeeding altogether.

We tested for pregnancy at home on 10 December 2015, and confirmed it on 16 December. After the Fetal Care Centre appointment, we celebrated over a healthy brunch at The Green Bar in ARC. The following is a breakdown of timeline of the days leading up to the knowledge of our 2nd pregnancy – Enjoyable and never a dull moment!

10 December 2015 – Sensory Bin Trial by BusyFingers Play

On the day we found out we were pregnant, Yinlee came over to let us try out her “BusyFingers Play” sensory boxes, a company she started on her own. We were very very privileged to be one of her first “clients” to undergo a complimentary trial session at the comfort of our home!

We have always loved sensory boxes, and had the chance to experience them while Little E attended the Holiday Programmes in Wee Care @ Tanglin. Oh! Where do we begin? the zillions of benefits that sensory bins can bring to your child. E was totally engaged in the sensory bins for at least a good 1 hour, exploring, creating and imagining… These sensory bins will make great playdates!

05 – 15 December 2015 – Holiday Programme in Wee Care

Those days after we knew I am pregnant, we continued going about doing our usual routine, attending the December Holiday Programme (which ran from 5 to 15 Dec) in Wee Care.

We were swarmed with  tons of engaging and delightful activities, which we utterly enjoyed and wished for more literally.

I particularly treasured the bonding time I had with Little E during these days, as much as I could, knowing that I may now soon have to divide my attention and love…

Which mother does not hope to focus 100% on each and every single child they have? I am no exception! But who has succeeded in doing that if you have more than one child? I couldn’t help but felt a smorgasbord of bittersweet feelings creeping on me… Overjoyed to know that we are bearing another fruit of love given to us by our gracious God, yet also feeling afraid of losing time with Little E…

11 December 2015 – Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay

The day after we knew of our pregnancy, we went to Gardens by the Bay to visit the Flower Dome with our neighbours! The cooled conservatory was a perfect haven to cool off the heat from our hot and humid country. The beautiful floral display was the cherry on top!

12th December 2015 – Omnitheatre

The following day on the 12th, J brought us to the Science Centre and we had a ball of a time exploring and watching “One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure”, a 30-min movie following the Sesame Street characters such as Big Bird and Elmo on a “space-tastical” adventure. It was an eye-opener for us all to be encompassed by the screen, we did feel we were truly immersed in the movie!

12th and 14th December 2015 – Evening jogs

We took advantage of the absence of morning sickness and went about our usual routine, enjoying our evening jog around our favourite places:

Henderson Waves – Mt Faber loop

Marina Bay etc.

16 December 2015

Today was the day we confirmed our pregnancy, and in 3 days time, we will be travelling to Japan for our year end vacation!

Thought I should end this eventful post with our beautiful Little E dressed up in pretty bunny ears, photo taken at Takashimaya this evening. 😉

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