Blessed 2016

After what-seemed-like an indefinite hiatus, we felt it is only responsible for us to explain our lack of blogposts for the past 4 months. We want to thank our close friends and relatives (both near and far) who had expressed concerns in the midst of their curiosity regarding the lengthy break.

I had been suffering from morning sickness and found myself unable to continue investing energy and time in blogging. Days passed miserably as my heightened sense of smell sent my digestive tract yodel with anguish and the sight of raw fish or chicken left me reeling, causing me to vomit up to 7 times throughout one day. Moreover, extreme pregnancy fatigue left me bed-bound most of the days.

Nonetheless, I thank God that He faithfully saw me through the most difficult period, by empowering my very capable husband, who selflessly stepped up to care for Little E and managed the household chores while I rested and slept whenever I wasn’t hugging the toilet bowl. As the morning sickness gradually eased up, my mother-in-law also came from Penang just to babysit Little E as well as took care of us by doing exceedingly more than anyone could have done, in the period when she was with us.

CNY 2016

CNY 2016 in Penang. Photo credit: Darren Yau (J’s cousin) of Darren and Jade Photography. Taken at Uncle Eng Hin’s front yard.

With the soon-addition of another member in our family, we will be leaving this online journal of ours at the close of 2015. As such, we will be taking our time to finish the many drafts we have penned for the year of 2015, as a closing chapter of our remembrance of the days we have Little E as our only precious child. Soon, she will have a sibling and we could only see days of joy ahead, waiting for us to embrace.

CNY 2016

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