Afternoon Delights

There’s nothing like a little something special to get you through the dreary endless drag of the afternoon. And the perfect way to while away the lazy afternoon is to be surrounded by wonderful treats while basking in the elegant colonial splendour under the arches of the Clifford Pier, right? Checked!


What more to love and cherish when we have the opportunity to bring 婆婆 along? We totally enjoyed the Singapore Heritage Afternoon Tea which brings about the perfect modern twist to tasty local classics – definitely right up the alley of all 3 generations of us. 婆婆 loved the savouries and her kopi kosong, I loved the signature buns served on a separate platter, and the girls loved the sweet treats and complimentary milo. 


E and I simply love the concept of Afternoon Tea! Which mommy & daughter pair wouldn’t? or haven’t? especially when your daughter is of age to play-pretend tea parties regardless at home or in kindergarten. Our go-to Afternoon Tea venue used to be Food for Thought @ the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where we enjoyed savouring its rainbow cake and sipping hot Camomile tea after scooting around and visiting the Heritage Museum nearby. But since its closure, we had also ceased our afternoon escapade. 


One can imagine the unanimous delight when we decided to revive our fanciful Afternoon Tea affair! And what better place to go to than The Clifford Pier, which boasts of its splendacious and grand decor, that carries a rich history that dates back to 1933 when it was built as a landing point for immigrants.

I had been yearning to visit The Clifford Pier after it was revamped, and I’ve heard and read countless reviews of its exquisite Afternoon Tea, I just needed a companion and the perfect timing to do so. Today was that momentous day! I thought the Pier would make an ideal venue to bring my mom to, where she could appreciate the modernised-overhaul that it underwent following its refurbishment from what it used to be in olden-time Singapore.

Old Clifford Pier.jpg

The Clifford Pier in the early 50’s.

Furthermore, as its name suggests, the Singapore Heritage Afternoon Tea at The Clifford Pier serves up the best of local Singaporean culinary delicacies inspired by the diverse melting pot of cultures of our forefathers, of whom some were local hawkers who once plied their trade in the area. My mom will definitely appreciate these local delights more than the usual Western classics consisting of scones and sandwiches.

Singapore Heritage Afternoon Tea

The delightful morsels of sweet treats and savoury bites made an impressive arrival at our table, daintily perched on a triple tiered display. Made up of a total of 8 savoury items and 8 sweet items, coupled with an impressive selection of excellently curated tea, each touting a fancy name such as Silver Moon and Magic Moment, these refreshments are innovative interpretations of Singapore’s culinary past and present, and are thoughtfully presented to represent the many culinary influences in Singapore.

We all enjoyed the Kurobuta Pork Kong Ba Bao with Man Tou and the Chilli Crab Bao which were served on a seperate silver-lined plate, even Little H took several mouthfuls of the decadent saucey tenderlicious pork, that left me wanting for more. The other savouries worth mentioning were the Chilli Bak Kwa Jam on Savoury Egg Tart, Wagyu Beef Rendang Croqeatas and Carrot Cake with XO Chilli and Scrambled Egg.


No afternoon tea will be complete without an assortment of sweet indulgences. Continuing in the line of heritage goodies, we were treated to a spectacle of old school treats which occupied the bottom tier. E immediately reached for the Bandung Macaron, a dainty and pretty confection in pink that conjures up childhood memories with sweet flavours of the rose syrup often used in local beverages and desserts. Even Little H finished one on her own! E also liked the Honey Mango Financier, a mini French style cake made with tropical mango, caramelised honey and almonds. Both my mom and I liked the Pandan Swiss Roll and the soft-centered Coconut Chocolate Cake that was crusted with kerisik (toasted dessicated coconut).


Paying tribute to the pier’s colonial past, the afternoon tea menu also offers traditional English scones, but not without a twist. Both girls loved the pearl sugar studded scone for its rich, buttery flavour and crunchy sugar crystals atop, which pairs perfectly with the platter of spreads provided on the side, which included Butter, Clotted Cream, Passion Fruit-Mango Jam and Homemade Pandan Kaya. E particularly enjoyed smearing her scones with hints of each to find her concoction for the best scone combination.

Ambience at The Clifford Pier Restaurant is smashingly sensational. The rich colonial heritage is evident in the restored facade as well as its opulent interiors. Large chandeliers hang from the roof structure that comprised of arched trusses in a riband form. Floor to ceiling glass panels let in ample natural light, which also allow us to admire the stunning Marina Bay view. The gleaming marble floors and plush European-style furnishings in muted neutral hues lend an elegant sophistication.


Fullerton has done extremely well to preserve The Clifford Pier’s hawker culture while honouring its historical role as the landing point of Singapore’s forefathers. The tremendous efforts that were invested in the restoration and refurbishment of The Clifford Pier is worth saluting.

It was an afternoon to remember for years to come, to thank my mom for taking care of us selflessly and accompanying us whenever J is away. We love you lots Mommy/婆婆!

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  1. Singapore Art Gallery Guide says:

    What a beautiful family in a beautiful surrounding.
    Good to see you’re doing very well!

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