Sydney Getaway Day 5 – Sydney Tower Eye, Harbour Bridge Walk, Kirribilli

Day 05: Sunday in Sydney – Sunny. Max 16ºC – 8ºC.

We have 2 more faithful days in Sydney to be enthralled by this vibrant city! The spine conference has wrapped up for the year, so we have J exploring with us the entire day! 🥰As the girls were yearning to show J the Children’s Department of David Jones, we definitely had to make a trip there in the morning, and let the vibe of that penthouse department spill its magic onto J. 🤣

We were hoping to see the Experience Curator in a different persona today, since we had already seen her as Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell. In spite of feeling disappointed when our girls saw she was Tinkerbell again, the girls were just delighted to see her once more, and waited for their turns to have their hands painted by her. Again. 😜 You can certainly spot what they asked her to paint for them in the following collage of photos taken at lunch:

Lunch with Daddy in Sydney.jpg

We ordered dishes from various stalls for lunch today – Our girls most definitely wanted DTF only, I had Thai green curry tiger prawns and chicken with egg noodles, while J had to have Penang Char Kway Teow! 🤤 With our stomachs pleasantly filled to the brim, we left the food court in search for the entrance that will lead us up to the Sydney Tower Eye, of which we have taken a wefie with in the midst of our feasting. 😊

Wefie with Sydney Tower Eye .jpg

Wefie with Sydney Tower Eye!

Set within the same compounds of Westfield Sydney, the tallest structure in Sydney (and second tallest in the Southern Hemisphere) at 309 metres high towers over the CBD of Sydney. Located at Level 5 of the shopping complex, the Tower Eye was easy to find. Moreover, KLOOK proved itself to be a handy app yet again, by ensuring an effortless purchase and retrieval of entry tickets at a discounted price. It was simply click and go!

Past the entrance, we wandered into an exhibition space where displays of structures resembling the iconic Sydney Tower Eye scatter along the meandering corridor, with interactive touch screens and information boards about Sydney, the tower and its construction. Much like the Sydney SEALiFE Aquarium, we were admitted into a chroma key photography green zone, with props hanging from the ceiling, and a professional photographer on standby greeting us as we turned the corner. Whenever an element of fun is injected into the photos, they do indefinitely bring to mind fond memories!

A box of cool pink 4D experience glasses awaits us as we emerged from the photography zone. Each of us took a pair and waited in line to enter a 4D cinema that has tiered platforms for a standing audience. The 5-min movie took us on a journey over and around Sydney through a bird’s eye view, with a lorikeet leading the way. We dipped and dived through the air along Sydney’s coastline, iconic beaches, through the harbour headlands and around all of Sydney’s most iconic structures ending with close-up views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Family photo at Sydney Tower Eye.jpg

We were then ushered to the lift that will whizz us straight up to the observation deck i.e. 250 metres above street level in a mere 40 seconds! When the lift door opened, it was WOW! WOW! WOW! wherever we looked. The panoramic view of Sydney we got to behold was spectacularly breathtaking.

Pano view from Sydney Tower Eye.jpg

Pano view of Sydney.jpg

Besides enjoying the panoramic views, the girls were well entertained by the hop-scotch they found within the observatory deck, and there they were, literally hopping over the skyline of Sydney, with every leap accompanied by lots of laughter.

As for J and me, we settled for a wefie 🥰 on top of Sydney!

Wefie of JR at Sydney Tower Eye.jpg

One more panoramic view of Sydney before we descend the Tower Eye for our next adventure!

Pano view of Sydney 1

Our eventful day continued to shine forth as we trotted to Town Hall station to board the triple-deck train towards Milsons Point via the track that runs along the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, arguably Sydney’s most iconic landmark. Connecting the CBD with Sydney’s north shore, the Harbour Bridge is both a popular tourist attraction as well as a crucially important piece of infrastructure that is steeped in rich history. The Sydney Harbour Bridge currently carries 1 highway with 8 road traffic lanes, 1 railway line (on which we were on), 1 cycle lane and 1 pedestrian walkway (which we were about to embark on)!

Upon alighting the train, we stumbled upon the bi-weekly Kirribilli Markets, which is one of Sydney’s oldest and most popular markets. It opened up like Pandora’s Box to assault our senses with the best intentions. Tactile, taste buds, visual, olfactory, auditory, yes! You read it right, all 5 senses were awoken and pleasantly aroused at this extensive market. Featuring over 220 stalls selling new and recycled fashion and accessories, apparels and homeware from emerging local fashion designers, arts and craft, jewellery and gifts, plants, gourmet foods and a whole lot more!

Kirribilli Markets.png

Boasting a vibrant atmosphere with great live music and international food, I was particularly drawn to the Burton street tunnel (which is right under Milsons Point train station) where local artisans display exclusive handwoven textiles, quirky millinery, painted ceramics and leather goods.

Kirribilli 2.jpg

Turn me loose! Where to go first? Lemonade was high on the list! The wide range of ethnic food beckoned to us but that craving had to go unrequited (until next visit). Quenched and refreshed, the market was our oyster and off we went, looking for something so unique we need a hundred reasons not to buy it.

Kirribilli 1.jpg

So many things caught our attention, but I answered the call from a stall that sells vintage Australian postcards. What could I say? Right in my wheelhouse!

The Kirribilli Markets is a goldmine for non-tacky Sydney souvenirs. This was a wonderful and totally unexpected adventure. I’d say, “Follow your nose, go by foot, and keep your options open!” You don’t always have to “color inside the lines” after all!


We headed south towards the Harbour and crossed Bradfield Park underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Harbour Bridge from Milsons.jpg

Both icons of Sydney in view from Bradfield Park.

This park extends to the Broughton St Lookout. With an astounding city skyline, several unique landmarks, and lots of beautiful natural sights, Sydney certainly has no shortage of scenic lookouts that offer breathtaking views, but the Broughton St Lookout, touted to be one of the most scenic lookout points in Sydney, is truly exceptional, for it offers an expansive view of the city skyline, the Sydney Harbour, Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, all within one’s visual fields. 👍

Sitting down looking at Harbour Bridge.jpeg

Enjoying the stunning view from Broughton St Lookout.

Arriving at the Bridge Stairs on the eastern side of the Harbour Bridge, we arrived at our starting point of the 1.5 km Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk. Under the flocculent blanket of clouds, we embarked on the trek we had set out to accomplish today. Yes! You read that right again – we took the train that ran through the Bridge, just so we could walk back on it, to return to Circular Quay. 🤩

Piggybacking H on Harbour Bridge.jpg

Then off we treaded onto the pavement that leads us to the Harbour Bridge!

By walking across the bridge from north to south i.e. from Milsons Point instead of The Rocks, we got to enjoy the best views because we were walking towards the city, not away from it!

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk.jpg

A closer view of the iconic Sydney Opera House, from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Opera House from the Bridge.jpg

Our purposeful walk was completed in thirty-six minutes. Besides the experiential gain to behold the wonderful sights our eyes were blessedly treated to; the elements we were exposed to, such that it seemed we had to brave the gusts especially when we trudged between the pylons; I also encountered the loss of my faithful companion that saw me through many terrains when I first had it during a great family trip in the UK – the sole of my boots crocodiled and eventually was beyond repair by the time I finished the walk through the Sydney Harbour Bridge. An illustrious finish for a pair of beloved boots from Weymouth. 😍

Stairwell in The Rocks.jpg

We reached the other end of the Harbour Bridge and came upon a flight of quaint looking stairs that brought us to The Rocks.

The Rocks.jpg

The Rocks is a neighbourhood of historic laneways that sensationally lay in the shadow of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Locals and tourists mingle at the open-air Rocks Markets, where fragrant street food, artisan wares, crafty creations and unique handicrafts spill out onto its cobblestone streets 🤩. The Rocks is also popularly known as the place where some of the oldest pubs in Sydney reside.

H with pringles.jpg

Beaming with Pringles in her hand, our little one managed to convince us with her adorable demeanour, that chips serve as a delightful snack reward considering the distance we had walked together as one family through that famous Bridge! 🙄

We headed home to call it a day, an eventful day indeed… Exhausted, the whole family knocked out with no issue. 😴

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