Sydney Getaway Day 6 – Zoo

Day 06: Monday in Sydney – Sunny, cloudless blue sky. Max 16ºC – 9ºC.

We have planned to visit the Taronga Zoo on our last day in Sydney. But before that, we made sure that we have checked out of Meriton Suites @ Pitt St, as well as Intercontinental Hotel @ Macquarie St. The children had their last hurrah in both accommodations before we walked down towards the Harbour.

We bought zoo entry tickets from KLOOK while on our way to the designated No.6 Jetty at Circular Quay, where we redeemed our in-app voucher for physical entry tickets from the Captain Cook Cruises ticket office.

We didn’t have to wait long before boarding Captain Cook! Straight up to the top deck we climbed and found good seats for ourselves that offered us unblock views of the sparkling Harbour.

Onboard Captain Cook!

The ferry brought us so close to the icons of Sydney, and we managed to snap some postcard-worthy photos of the Sydney Opera House…

… and a not-too-bad picture of the Harbour Bridge. 😛

Onboard the comfortable sightseeing ferry, we treated ourselves to fresh berries which the girls absolutely loved! I sacrificed my portion and gulped down the sights of the surrounding wonders offered by the captivating Sydney Harbour instead. 😊

The Taronga Zoo in Sydney is located on the stunning shoreline of the Sydney Harbour, girdled by beautiful landscapes that drew our breaths away. This was our first time visiting a zoo that has such a unique location. Instead of arriving directly at the zoo, we arrived at the foothill of the zoo’s entrance where we had to embark on a skyride journey via the Sky Safari Cable Car to enter the zoo! We were thrilled by the experience and were excited to encounter the unique wildlife of Australia that awaits us at the end of the cable car ride. 🤗

Overlooking the Sydney Harbour, peering out from the cable car, it was difficult to imagine a view that better encompasses more of the city’s icons in one glimpse. And yet, take your eyes off the harbour and one will notice a flurry of activities taking place within this exceptional zoo.

As we emerged from the “lifting” Skyride and stepped foot onto the grounds, wandering through the entrance of this remarkable zoo, echoes of bird calls and rustling sounds coming from nearby enclosures greeted us in a welcoming manner that sweetened our arrival in every little way.

Amidst the scurrying footsteps of many visitors, we found ourselves hurrying along with curiosity and excitement mounting up within us, not wanting to miss out on any great encounters that we might not know yet!

The Australian Walkabout was the first attraction we came upon, which led us on a roundabout trail as cuddly koalas were seen snoozing within the cooling shades of the Eucalyptus foliage that filled the enclosure. There was so much to discover and experience within this zoo as we revel in the natural beauty of the bushland. The animals looked so peaceful as we watched them relaxing and at ease in this lush sanctuary where meerkats and echidnas roam, and platypus swim. Have I mentioned how pristine the pelicans are?! So beautiful that the purple “vein” shows through its luminescent pretty pink beak! 😃 I have never seen a pelican as clean as this! 😍

While looking for a toilet for the girls, we came upon a nice lookout point where the icons of Sydney provided a nice backdrop for a charming family photo! if only Little H was awake… 😅 She dozed off halfway through the trails we were trekking on.

We found a neat little cafe where we settled for lunch – 2 baskets of fish and chips to share amongst ourselves, and a warm little mug of soya hot chocolate for me to indulge in. 🥰

The last attraction we went to was the Seal Walk! This is by far the best enclosure I have ever seen that was designed for seals. The obvious joy in these animals was felt as they frequently took turns to demonstrate their aerial abilities in each leap into the open air out of the water!

Before we bid a fond farewell to the Taronga Zoo, we entered the gift shop near the exit that would lead us to the ferry, there sat a gigantic koala that seemed to beckon us to cuddle up close for a photo! Here I’ll share one lovely photo of our firstborn E who presented a sheepish smile on demand. 😊

Back to Circular Quay we went, on the return ferry with Captain Cook! With just the right time to spare, we retrieved our luggage which we left at the Intercontinental Hotel after checkout, took a cab to the airport and boarded our flight home in the nick of time. 🤩

Closing thoughts:

This trip down under, though was considered planned, was indeed a last-minute indulgence for me and the girls. Without J’s involvement in the DDU conference, and his generosity in love towards us, we wouldn’t have been able to experience so much in the past few days. Although we know there is bound to be much more to be explored and discovered in this awesome city, we are confident God will leave us an opportunity to return to Sydney to accomplish that.

There are no words that could describe the magnitude of gratitude I have towards the Lord, my God, who lavished such grace upon me and my family. I was left with a love-hate relationship with fond trips such as this. I love it because I had a great time bonding with my children in a foreign land, out of the mundane routine we were so comfortably accustomed to back home. I hate it because it disrupts the routine that was so productive, that I had to leave it behind so that I could rest and take a breather in new terrain. How glad I am to return to writing so that such precious moments can be documented, and not forgotten in the many flourishing years to come. So I thank God and learn to rejoice in Him for He is worth every praise and thanksgiving for being the Giver of great and wonderful things to those who loved Him, those who are called according to His purpose, so that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in us, and us in Him, according to the grace of our God.


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