E6H3 Birthday Celebration at the Movies!

August is a time when I become a busy bumblebee, my mind wrought with fanciful ideas that whip up recipes fit for a royal birthday party for our 2 princesses, whose birthdays are merely one month apart. Hence, J and I decided to throw them a combined party that will be held in between their actual birthdays!

After much consideration, we planned to organise the party at the Platinum Movie Suites in the Cineleisure Complex. This was our first time planning this, and as it was a combined party, close friends of both girls were invited to grace the event as they joined us in celebrating the joyous occasion. Mommy cum planner went straight to work by first booking the cinema on a date that falls between E&H birthdays. We booked the entire 20-seat platinum suite, and ordered a buffet menu for the occasion to make sure our guests would not only have a rollin’ good time, but also happy tummies to boot!

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 11.11.44 PM.png

When that was settled, I got my hands busy creating ticket invitations, that would be so apt for a cinematic experience at the movies! The girls received either pink Ariel or Aurora tickets, while the boys received either blue (Prince Eric) or green (Prince Philip) tickets.

We prepared all the goodie bags, making certain that the many interesting games and activities that are age-appropriate, as well as delectable snacks within will thrill their favourite friends! These bags were customised and hand-made with much love and tender care for each of our young guests.

Goody bags

Of course, the birthday cake was not to be neglected! To please both E & H, I especially custom-made a half-half cake that was half Ariel and half Aurora, since E wanted Princess Ariel, while H wanted Princess Aurora!


The mommy cum baker was torn between pleasing either, so the indecisiveness yielded one half-half cake eventually! πŸ˜…


One half of the 8″ cake had Princess Ariel the mermaid sitting on a dual-layer strawberry cake, hand-baked using premium French butter and fresh strawberries, and frosted with fresh French buttercream that is tinted with the most beautiful ocean blue. The cake was adorned with hand-rolled glistening pearls and seaweed made from fondant icing, as well as beautiful wafer daisies. The bottom of the cake was dusted with chocolate pebbles and cookie crumbs to mimic sand at the bottom of the ocean.


The other half of the 8″ cake had Princess Aurora sitting on a bed of sugar-paste roses🌹 topping the 8-inch dual-layer strawberry πŸ“ cake, made from premium fresh ingredients. Frosted with freshly churned buttercream, and circumferenced by strawberry pocky sticks, the final presentation was adorned with the glistening hand-rolled pearls around it to infuse an elegant feel. If you have also noticed, I had also custom-made a castle background for each half of the cake – an underwater scene for Ariel, and a rosy garden for Aurora!


And of course, I didn’t forget the princess cupcakes with their towers, as well as the popular marshmallow sticks and rice crispy balls, that have proved to be essential at our previous birthday parties.


There were lots of hype over the cake table, children goggling over the cupcakes and sweets, parents busy taking photos… It was a scene marked with every happy bit of happenstance! πŸ€—


The children satisfied their cravings both at the buffet and dessert tables. More than that, after the cake-cutting and birthday song singing, our young guests were ushered into the theatre suites to watch The Lion King, each with a plush lounge chair that came with a blanket, a tall glass of lemon tea, one serving of either popcorn or nacho chips with cheese, and a bento of finger-licking snacks consisting of chicken karaage, fish & chips, seaweed chicken, potato wedges, etc.


The children were, to say the least, satiated by the birthday fare! 😍 While the little ones were watching the movie in the movie suite, the adults were catching up with each other in the lounge just outside the suite. πŸ‘πŸ»

It was a joyous day filled with jubilance and thanksgiving to our great God, who so graciously gifted us 2 awesome girls, though not without parenting challenges, but we are very very thankful to be their parents. May we be found worthy to care for them and nurture them into God-honouring, Christ-exalting, gospel-propelling girls who have transformed* hearts after God’s own heart. ❀️

*”And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” (Ezekiel 36:26)



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