About me

Hello! My friends call me Rebecca. One very close friend of mine calls me by my chinese name. My students call me Ms Chew. My family calls me QiQi. My husband calls me… ummm… I think I’ll leave out mushy bits from this blog! I have always thought I am a true blue Singaporean, born and bred a sunny sunshine gal in the tiny island of summery Singapore, loving everything that the country has to offer to its current 6 million inhabitants. Frequent travels and having lived in Calgary, AB, Canada altered my taste of living and the lifestyle I preferred quite a fair bit. I have long wanted to start a blog. Finally, this is it! – A chronicle of the things I love and interest me, some of which include food, cooking, my travelogues, and everything that is inspiringly beautiful. Thanks for dropping by!

6 Responses to About me

  1. Jessie Sim says:

    Great Blog Rebecca! May God bless you to be a blessing to others. Ps. 19:7-10

  2. cykrebecca says:

    Thank you Aunty Jessie for always being so encouraging! I am still very new in the blogosphere. Treating it more like a diary!

  3. (: says:

    Rebecca! Dorothy! 🙂 Grace here – didn’t know you had a blog! (A great one, too!) :))

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